First Orbison Impersonator Goes Out in Style

Perhaps the only available video of  Kent ‘Kenny’ Moril as Roy Orbison and just came across  a beautiful music video, from Morril, sung in the Orbison voice, ironically titled ‘Would You Like To Live Forever.’  What a wonderful, moving way to go out for Kent Morril. Thanks ‘Kenny’ for the music and memories…  Sorry to say , we couldn’t find a single Orbison impersonator video from Kenny but  a nice interview piece at the end…



Just got word that  Kenny (Kent) Morrill passed away , of cancer, recently in Northeast , U.s. Kenny was the first real Roy Orbison impersonator – and a good one.

I remember first ‘discovering’  him, quite by accident, when I was in the wine country at Windsor Winery sometime probably in 1989 or ’90 – the years get away from me …

I remember being totally astonished that anyone could sound so much  like Roy Orbison.  After no longer being able to see the original Roy in concert, I thought it great to be a able to have someone like Morrill  help fill the huge void left on the concert scene after Orbison passed in December, 1988.      I would probably see him another five times in concert over the next five years and would even meet and interview him in Las Vegas, along with my friend, Stephen Wong. I  rememeber it being a shock to see him, backstage without his Orbison  wig and dress. He didn ‘t look anything like Orbison but he sure had thereverence for Roy and sounded like him… and that was what counted. He seemned a bit  odd as I recall, with some off  color  comments I can’t quite recall right now (I must check my notes and original interview one of these days) but nice enough and a really great performer,
who ,again ,offered  that Orbison ‘fix’ for Orbison fans missing the original.

After about five years,  Morrill seemed to disappear Continue reading “First Orbison Impersonator Goes Out in Style”

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