Rock and Pop Icon Neil Diamond will take his   hits on the road on a much-anticipated North American tour kicking off in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on June 1st and closing in Las Vegas on September 1st. The 2012 tour will feature all of Neil Diamond’s classic favorites plus maybe a new song or two off the new LP. The majority of markets will be on sale to the public beginning at 10:00AM on Monday, December 5th and all Canadian dates will be on sale on Monday, December 12th at 10:00AM. Visit the tour section of Neil’s website for a full list of dates.

Additionally, Diamond will release THE VERY BEST OF NEIL DIAMOND – THE ORIGINAL STUDIO RECORDINGS on December 6th. The album will feature 23 of the most popular hits and signature tracks from America’s quintessential singer-songwriter. This is the first Neil Diamond collection to draw from the artist’s complete studio discography. order the album online now at Very Best Of Neil Diamond.


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Well not exactly, but the legends of Jackie Wilsoon and Dean Martin certainly do live on through the inspiratoinal performances of their offspring, who just happened to perform on the same stage, only hours apart Nov 26, 2011.



Bobby Wilson, who also goes by Bobby Brooks and Bobby Brooks Hamilton, as on the attached video, is the living embodiment of his Dad. He looks like him, sings like him and has THE PERSONALITY! He even dresses right out of 1957, including the pompadour; his earling is the only anachronistic piece in the entire act, which we were fortunate to see 11/26 in a matinee performance at the Raazz Room in San Francisco along with a fine backing group, Top Shelf.   The small room was packed with an older crowd; it could have easily been 1959 at the Copa or the Sands, albeit a smaller room.
It was only during the performance we noted that Dean Martin’s daughter, Dina, was also appearing at the Raazz for the evening show, so, why not make it a full night of nostalgia!

I had met another of Jackie Wilson’s sons – yes, the man WAS prolific –  some 20 years ago, performing with a rock band with sans the Jackie Wilson tribute at an Oakland restaurant.   Don’t know how many other sons are out there but Bobby does a wonderful job of keeping the legend alive, not only singing great , like his Dad, but speaking in glowing terms of his Dad as he  sprinkled interesting bits of history during the show. For better or worse, Bobby is also the ladies man, as was Jackie, posing incessantly during the show while singing to ladies in the audience.  Only he and his Dad could get away with the  shtick….  Anyhow, kudos to Bobby for staying true to the music and the times, as his website notes…

The year is 1959. It’s a hot night in New York City’s Harlem at the Apollo Theater. An emcee calls out for “Mr. Excitement” and out comes the one and only Jackie Wilson. He slides out on the stage and up to the MIC stand, does a spin and jumps right into his latest hit “Lonely Teardrops”. Only it’s your next function and it’s here and now. Your clients will believe they are in the Apollo Theater watching Jackie Wilson when they are really watching Bobby Brooks Wilson. He will excite them, thrill them and lift your next function to the next level, “Higher and Higher”. Some of the hits will include Reet Petite, Dogging Around, To Be Loved, A Woman, A Lover, A Friend, and Baby Workout. Bobby also highlights Jackie Wilson’s musical friends such as Sam Cook, Elvis and Al Jolson. He will take you on a musical flight through the likeness, mannerisms and vocal excitement of Jackie Wilson. So come spend an evening with “The King of Soul”, and bring back the memory of the “The Great Jackie Wilson”. for more details, email

Perhaps in a new world of  manufactured stars people like
Bobby Brooks Wilson and Dina Martin don’t get the play they deserve. However, Of note is the fact that Bruno Mars, one of the better modern performers, chose Bobby  to open his live shows of late. In the meantime, check out his albums, website and You Tube videos and then his Dad’s, too, and you’re in for a treat all over again! Jackie Wilson Lives!

Kudos also to a great backing band and background singers via Top Shelf of the Bay Area! Where they got such talented local(?) performers is amazing.

Higher and Higher – Single

Wilson, who lives in Las Vegas, has apparently been doing tributes where he can , performing not only as his Dad but as Stevie Wonder, Little Richard and others. In a different era, we’d probably see him as a regular on the late night TV circuit and  radio, but for many younger folks he’s probably  he’s JUST an ‘oldie’  but, of course, for us, that’s a GOODIE!  As it stands, Wilson is a bit of mystery. Other than a single, cover of his Dad’s  biggest hit, Higher and Higher, we don’t see any CDs from him. How long he’s performed we don’t know, nor his age- call him ageless, timeless. It doesn’t matter. A little mystery is good. Just Keep doing what you’re doing, Bobby pompadour and all! We’ll be looking for you  more and more  to go  HIGHER and HIGHER!

Deana Martin (like Dean with an ‘a’) grew up during the Golden Years, often accompanying her Dad to shows and meeting up with famous friends near their Beverly Hills home – friends like Lucile Ball, Rosemary Clooney, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra- all in the same neighborhood.  Deana has come out in a big way in recent years, paying tribute to her Dad, not only in song but she ‘s written a memoir about growing up with her famous Dad, the Rat Pack and sordid friends. She’s not afraid to offer the good and the bad.  In her evening show, she including many stories about Dean and  friends, while singing both songs he made famous as well as songs of her own, many celebrating the Christmas season. While Deana has a pleasant voice,  one can never mistake it for the classic Martin voice, yet her endearing personality and banter makes up for what we miss in the real thing. At one point, perhaps the highlight of the show, she ‘duets’ with Dad thru the magic of  tape and video. At another point she recreates an early recording session she was at when Dean recorded the classic ‘Memories Are Made of This,’ drawing on three members of the audience as back up vocalists. It worked! A muscial, nostalgic day was a long time coming for this writer,  fully enjoyed – and to think these tickets were going for less than $20  for either show!


White Christmas Audio CD

Memories Are Made of This: Dean Martin Through His Daughter’s Eyes
NOW let’s see the Original Mr Wilson do his thing.. Watch him
do the splits and bounce back up! No other entertainer like him!


CANDY WE ATE AS KIDS Lives – Buy Old Time Candy

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San Francisco Surf City, Movie Mecca? Vintage Venues Live!

San Francisco Surf City? You don’t think of SF as a surf mecca, with its cold weather and lack of surf. But wait! San Francisco DOES have surf and it actually has some nice weather in September and October . There’s  Ocean Beach, the Clift House, the Beach Chalet… and even some real surfers. Chris (sometimes surfer )  calls the SF Avenues near the beach  his home along with a number of other surf groups with Pollo Del Mar and its leader Ferenc probably the leading promoter of San Francisco as a legit surf town. … And right where the ‘ Ocean meets Western Civilization’ at 45th Av and Taraval is a little hidden gem of a night spot calleld the Riptide.  Not only is the name apropo  but the place makes for a great little music venue.   As the Zagat guide describes it’s part Tahoe ski lodge with its dark wood and part funky  quaint bar  tucked away in a cute little neighborhood at land’s end. Never had been there before and glad I went.  Golden State

San Francisco Surf City, Movie Mecca? Vintage Venues Live!

Sorry, an interior photo of Riptide just can’t capture the feel of the place. You’d need a wideangle to capture the double bar, fireplace in back , moosehead on the wall, etc…  Surf meccas Huntington Beach  and   Santa Curz may not have any original haunts  like this. And  Riptide is the real thing, having its beginnings in 1941 with little changed over the years, it would appear.  Now, nostalgic pictures line the walls. The split, or double bar is very unusal and adds to the character , much like Trad’r Sam’s round tiki bar (1937) not far down the avenues.  And Polo Del Mar really brought it all together with its latest surf sounds. Whoever thought this one out for a surf venue was right on. Hope the boys come back soon, or some other surf groups, though it would be tough to top Ferenc and the boys.. maybe their friends the Meshugga Beach Party would come closest for a local Bay Area band….  check out Pollo Del Mar here… Nokie Edwards of the Ventures sits in with Pollo del Mar in Tokyo, Japan, a hotbed for surf music.

Even older than the Riptide is the Balboa Theater (1926). We tired to cram it all in this Sat. nite 11/12/11 , running from Riptide 5 minutes up the road to here but Sutro had just finished its last run of the night

so can’t really highlight the interior of the classic pre – deco theater nor the new documentary about the famed Sutro Baths, once  another highlight of San Francisco’s  Lands End, with its huge heated pools and colorful spectacles, just up the road from another Ocean Beach gen, Playland at the Beach, Sutro burned down years ago and Playland closed  in the early 70s but the memories live on. In fact, a woman , now in her 80s,  who worked at Sutro for years was able to collect so much memorabilia the producers of a previous movie about Playland came to her recently to ask her to take part in the new film about the Sutro baths.  We’ll have to give it another try before it closes. And what better venue than the Balboa, not  more than a mile from where it all happened…

That’s the neat thing about this night.. being able to witness such events in such perfect and appropriate  vintage settings! Check out Riptide  and the Balboa along with Pollo Del Mar and Sutro, the latter you may have to catch at a less exciting venue.  The Best of American & Foreign Films Posters. Book 2. From the Classic and Film Noir to Deco and Avant-Garde. 4th Edition. (World best films posters)

San Francisco Surf City, Movie Mecca? Vintage Venues Live!