NEIL SEDAKA Going Strong at 76

We go from the classic Scopotone (first ever video?)  above (1962) to a recent appearance (2012) on the Mike Huckabee show where Neil Sedaka showcases his latest project, cover versions of his early hits with lyrics changed for kids (eg  ‘Waking Up is Hard to Do, Lunch Will Keep Us Together,’ etc.)  Hear ‘Lunch will Keep Us together’ along with the original, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do.’   Here Neil’s funny story about growing up wanting to be a rock and roll singer and what he did with his 45s.

We’ve seen Sedaka dozens of times over the years and it is one of the few  events we still look forward to – when Sedaka comes to town. Catch him if he comes to your area. In the meantime check out his website, http://neilsedaka.com/   Last year Sedaka was in town, when Dad was still with us and a couple generations enjoyed him and his protege doing a concert of Neil Sedaka songs! (Sorry we don’t remember the name of the protege).



NEIL SEDAKA Going Strong at 74

Radio’s PAUL HARVEY – Ageless Pioneer Is Already Missed

It’s been about a year or more since we lost radio news legend Paul Harvey.  We were always amazed how Harvey kept going on , despite some derision of his politics. But, Harvey, it seemed, got along with everyone and was youthful for his years. He would pass off people he didn’t care for with a joke or a light-hearted jab, not mean-spirited like some today.   Not surprisingly, nobody was able to take Harvey’s place, it appears. Mike Huckabee and the Huckabee Report does a good job, and is one of the few programs today  that gives time to some of the older  celebs, like his recent interview with Sedaka (see above).   I , like many used to pass Harvey off as an ‘old coot’ until I saw him on aLarry King interview and, much like with Ronald Reagan, I was impressed with his low-key, self-effacing and humorous style. It wasn’t long after his beloved ‘Angel’  (pictured above in their native Chicago) passed that so did Harvey,   age 90. Maybe not so surprisingly  I guess.  Now, whenever I hear the commercials for pharmaceuticals, such as High Health Occular Nutrition , I think of Harvey.