In the 1950s and 60s It was  ‘Mom, Apple pie and Willie Mays.’  There was nobody More beloved then . He was in movies . They made songs after him . He personified the American Spirit Playing the game Of baseball like Nobody eplse, like with his hat flying off his head in making the moat famous over the head catch in the 1954 World Series. There were no steroids Then. He was a hundred percent natural talent and drive To be the best. Which he probably was. There was no internet or social media then So Most people never got to see Willie Mays play Unless they were lucky enough to live in San Francisco Where he played for the Giants We’re in one of the towns the Giants would visit.
As kids growing up In the 1960s near San Francisco There was nobody we would rather emulate than Willie Mays. He was the hero for every 12 year boy, myself included. They don’t make them Like Willie anymore

Willie was FRIEND TO ALL by John Shea


How many ball players were immortalized in music? Willie had at least three songs about him, this one perhaps the best….

Remembering Willie Mays today with a vocal group record by the Singing Wanderers AKA the Wanderers. The Treniers also did a version. Enjoy!