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There was, or, is only one CHARLES BROWN, great blues singer/piano player with Johnny Moore’s group in the 40s and 50s, who disappeared for years only to emerge from obscurity, thanks largely to Danny Caron. I was lucky to live in the San Francisco area during that time of Brown’s reemergence and witnessed not only a great artist but a wonderful person who shared his colorful history and thoughts during his concert lovefests, circa 1990s. Christmas hasn’t been the same since Brown passed a few years back . …. Then we have the great JACKIE WILSON, Mr. ‘R&B Opera’ singer, who turned pop music into some incredible vocal gymnastics as we here in ‘O Holy night.’ Nice to be able to go back and bring back these greats from time to time.. Merry Crhistmas, Baby, as Chares would say.



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December24, 2011

“Life is like a mirror, we get the best results
when we smile at it.”  ~Author Unknown”For every minute you are angry, you
lose sixty seconds of happiness”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

“To some extent, conformity is insanity”
– John Nash

“Man can alter his life by altering his thinking”
– William James

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and
believe, the mind of man can achieve.”
– Napoleon Hill


“Use Coupons and You’ll $ave Money.”

– JB

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Happy Holidays and Keep $miling !

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Special 39th Birthday Tribute to Timeless Jack Benny

Jack Benny - CBS News Tribute_Obituary (Dec 29, 1974) - YouTube' - www_youtube_com_watch_v=rXNNDoDKq5U











Special 39th Birthday Tribute to Timeless Jack



We begin with a nice tribute they put together for me, above,  – Jack Benny here – after I died December 26, 1974 at  age 39. Ha!  (Yes I beat the medical industrial complex /Obamacare and I’m still here  – but we’ll go into that later…)

I understand we’re having some technical diffulties, as theys to say, so please go to our Face page@
jack benny with mirror enlarged

Now, tell me I don’t look a day over 39. Well, maybe a day. Now, you hush Rochester. He’s telling me that picture was taken 80 years ago. See , I was 39





jack w liberace

















And, now, for the coup de grace, I really rock out with the Beach Boys on this one.. or , maybe I should say that THEY rock out. -JB


jack talking to his coupon fanslast spring






A note to my ‘Super Savers’ last year… Just call me Jack of all trades – comedy, music, coupons/savings…

jack appearing today in heavenly lafughter






Folks , I’m going to have to wind this party down. I guess I’m NOT as young as I used to be BUT I am still touring and I’ll be in beautiful downtown Fresno this month so come by and see me and my pals in ‘Heavenly Laughter’ . So-long for now! It’s been fun – JB



       Photo: Still got my youth at 39....

        WELL,  It was a spendid Valentines Week for JB – who just happens to celebrate his 39th birthday every year on February 14 – –   in Heavenly Hills , CA, where he reaquaints with many of his old friends (you can still visit at  – like  JB at  where he enjoys his favorite music, movies and memories one doesn’t find much anymore in mainstream media.   )   There were Mary , George and Bob, ,   Dino and Frank and others . Rochestor was by Jack’s side the whole time…even got out the old Maxwell, pictured below (still not running well) for the occasion.


bridget bardot valentirn es dringOn the way,  Jack rendezvoused  with his old girlfriend, BB, using  a GROUPON or 5   over at Nick’s Cove (dinner and dancing) on the North Bay (as you’ll note on his facebook page he used 5 Groupons-but don’t tell anyone)... He must have gotten carried away with the DEAL!    Wine Dog  helped out , taking  the glass away Jack , who usually only has an occassonal toddy or highball.


It’s these deals.  You may remember years  ago when Jack nearly lost his life to a robber who demanded Jack’s money.  Now, he does’t have to be so cheap….  Jack, the old cheapskate that he is,  got involved in coupons  around 1980 when they were becoming popular (Valpak and Coupon Country coupons started mailing them). Ever  since,  Jack’s been a BIG saver – well, you know he always was  – but now he goes out of his way to use a coupon whenever he can.  (He’s gotten out of traffic tickets by offering cops coupons in exchange)  He even opened up coupon websites so he would never be without a particular coupon – and for his friends and all of you (Check out, to name a couple… He even helps out small businesses   advertise on these sites and other niche sites  via and

Now, how’s about a visit back to an earlier 39th birthday in 1969

maxwell 1

when Jack hosts his own celebration with a TV show featuring Lucille Ball and others.. Here’s part 1….  (may or may not show part 2 later…if you LIKE it at