Dean of Jan and Dean Looks Back 50 Years, New Album

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Dean of Jan and Dean Looks Back 50 Years with New 5 star Album

In this interview, that appears in current issue of GOLDMINE, Dean Torrance talks about the glory days and working with  two studio geniuses – not only his partner Jan Berry but how Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys would come in to help to the finishing ‘icing’on many of their songs. Jan is especially proud of one of those, ‘Surf City,’their biggest hit.  Dean also talks about his current group and the new ‘5 star’ album just out.  MORE

Of course, Dean’s longtime partner,Jan, passed away a near decade ago from a life of side effects of the infamous Sunset Blvd. ‘Drag City’ accident Today Dean continues to make music, now with a group made up of former Jan and Dean band mates along with the Surf City All Stars of more recent years.They call it the ‘Bamboo Trading Co.’ and have out a new self-titled album. It gets a 5 star rating on Amazon , which is a half point higher than Brian Wilson’s new ‘Made in California.’  Definitely a winner, combining the best elements of surf with impressive,rich Martin Denny exotica and other music genres. Check out some free listens here and then buy the CD. Dean isn’t crazy about current social and music technology and would probably have released vinyl if he hasn’t already.  There’s even the song ‘Tweet -Don’t Talk anymore, ‘ a knock at social media and some excellent nostalgic cuts, ‘I’ve Always Loved the Ocean ‘and ‘Don’t Say It’s Over.’

BAMBOO TRADING CO.  [starrating]

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CD cover, no doubt designed by Dean, an accomplished graphic designer

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While we’re at it, here’s Brian Wilson’s new one, also highly recommended, a full box set with lots of interesting new ones, old ones and updated ones along with other artist cover versions(!)  – enough listening to last you well into the fall, maybe winter,.We’ve yet to hear the whole thing but know it’s good


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TONY BENNETT Full Historical

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