Just like the good old days! Because it IS the good old days! You’ve found Oldies Country where the Good Times are still Rolling!

Now, JUST SIT BACK and RELAX, SIMPLY WATCH THE SCREEN ,  LISTEN and ENJOY WHILE YOU’RE TRANSPORTED BACK TO A SIMPLER TIME, THE HAPPY DAYS of the 1950s and 60s . Then, feel free to  browse this multi-media experience for More Music, Movies and Memories while you do your shopping in our One Stop Oldies Country Shop!

Time Travel Back with Us for the Music, Movies, Memories and More from the Golden Era, the Happy Days once more through this 3-D experience! So put on your 3-D glasses, your headphones, click on the Krazy Kat and Have Fun as you work your way down the page! Be sure to come back early and often for regular updates of your Fifties Favorites!

Oldies Country is a new website about an old subject… , which can also be considered ‘Newies,’ as you will see as the site develops.  ‘The word ‘Oldies‘ may have a negative conotation to some , however it s still probably the best single word to describe the era of the early 1960s, 1950s and beyond… The term may have originated from Art Laboe’s ‘Oldies  But Goodies’ Record Volumes, which first appeared at the end of the Oldies Era  – we’re not exactly sure.

Take for example , our first story about Doris Day. Doris Day may be an ‘Oldie but Goodie‘ but she’s very much a ‘Newie’ too in the sense of her current activies, heading up the popular, Carmel-based Animal Federation (DDAF)  — they just sent major contributions to HAITI for animal rescue – or bringing joy to visitors to Carmel at  her Cypress Inn (you can read more about inside, and, of course, her very listenable music and fun, happy movies, which still  bring joy to many who prefer the ‘Happy Days’ to the darker films, sounds and culture of the 2000’s.

So, whatever you call   it, the era of this earlier time, you will be able to find updates on artists who had their heyday pre-1965, or reminiscences  of those we have lost,  new music, films ,  radio etc with that 50s vibe,e tc.  Music of the 50s and 60s is the favored music  for family venues like Disneyland  – and even many grocery stores where  all ages shop. In a recent study the oldies sounds were found to be the most popular music genre to play in such venues… people stayed longer and  bought more, etc. (sorry we don’t have the reference at our fingertips)…

So, ENJOYthe Sounds, the Videos, the Culture of this earlier time, which lives on for many – and right here at OldiesCountry.com.  Call it another form of  Time Travel if you  want. In fact,  we will even share one  such actual 48-hour back in time in an upcoming episode. (Each post will be considered an epiosde, for 50s reference… afterall there were no computers or posts back then…  and sometimes its nice to even forget about ’em for at least an hour two. See you on the flip side!


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