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New website features obscure album tracks taken directly from original vinyl – many in magnificent two track stereo-and LP artwork from these 50s and 60s ‘Golden Era’ gems >

Been wanting to do this for a long time…what with our 5,000+ LP and 1,000 45 vinyl collection its time to actually re-listen to it, and hearing some for first time . We’ll feature mostly more obscure tunes that weren’t hits (but maybe should have been) plus always interesting LP cover artwork . With our multi-media experience one can also actually listen to these rarer tracks ( in shortened length so as to encourage people to go buy the vinyl, as available , and discover some of this great overlooked 50s and 60s on most -listenable vinyl, some in golden two track STEREO !)

Each week we will be adding additional tracks from original vinyl as below, so come back regularly to explore our latest updates (which you may never have heard before- not to mention the quality-taken directly from vinyl originals (as much as possible). Often  there will also be a link to a more in- depth page that might include the back cover art and commentary about the artists, e.g. Duane Eddy who we recently lost and Jesse Belvin, an artist who died in an auto crash, unable to fulfill expectations, sadly. Enjoy! >>>

NOTE Most or many of the songs are not the complete versions as we want to promote the artists so that you, hopefully, will purchase their still available recordings.


DUANE EDDY – Unchained Melody

From  Twangy Guitar- Silky Strings (RCA LPM 2576)

Duane Eddy – Unchained Melody as only he could give it that instrumental twang from Twangy Guitar Silky Strings 1962 RCA LPM 2576 >

The old standard, originally by Al Hibbler, Unchained Melody was the big standout for us on this LP of MOR classics. It came out even before the Righteous Brothers hit version , but didn’t chart for Eddy. Thus , we review it here as a would-be hit. Unfortunately, this is the mono version but we will keep our eyes out for the stereo SLP2576.

Of course, we just lost Eddy in May, 2024. He was said to be the pioneering rock and roll instrumentalist with 27 top 40 hits, even before Dick Dale and the Ventures Eddy developed a style playing mostly bass notes and using the whammy bar for a wavering effect that became synonomous with surf music. By adding primitive  echo and reverb Eddy was really playing surf music in 1958, a year or two before it was popularized by Dale, the Ventures and many others in on the west coast


Duane Eddy Tribute Page | OldiesCountry

To buy this LP and For more Duane Eddy vinyl and music ->


We include this picture of Jesse  Belvin. Because the Obscure Crown LP doesn’t even include his picture but that of Brook Benton, below

DREAM HOUSE was another of those under-the -radar songs that probably should have been a hit. It only appeared on record-on numerous re-issues-after  Belvin died in a  -perhaps suspicious- car crash in 1959  The version we have is from a budget Crown LP not even with Belvins picture o the cover the the better known Brook Benton, who shared half the album

BELVIN was an upcoming star from Los Angeles , already with two hits, Guess Who and Goodnight My Love when he perished . Etta James called Belvin the best of them all, including Sam Cooke.

MORE Belvin
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Gene Pitney Big 16 in stereo

GENE PITNEY – Keep Telling Yourself 

From the STEREO 1964 LP ‘Gene Pitney’s Big Sixteen,’ Keep Telling Yourself was NOT a big hit – not a hit at all in America, but probably should have been . It’s one of the few songs on this compilation of big hits that should be better recognized. It was written by the great Ellie Greenwich and others and arranged and conducted by Pitney’s best, Gary Sherman . Add this uncommon STEREO version of the song and you’ve got another resurrected gem you may not have heard before. The would-be hits keep coming- and Gene Pitney had a lot of them.

This stereo version of the Lp is currentlyv available for a bargain price of 7.98 (price guides list it at $40 or more ) >


Gene Pitney – Big Sixteen LP Stereo Rarities from Vinyl – Take Me Tonight, Tower Tall, Half Heaven Half Heartache, True Love Never Runs Smooth




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