Vin Scully Goes Out in Style- ‘Master Story teller’ made you feel ok about baseball and life -even if team lost


9-25-16 Following Dodger’s Charlie Culberson fitting walk-off homer  in last Dodger game he would broadcast, legendary announcer Vin Scully gives one  last ‘thanks’ to fans singing ala Harry Carray  ‘Wind Beneath My Wings.’ Is that really Scully singing?Pretty nice voice! All round  talent will be missed



VIN SCULLY – The Last Class of Another Era Says Goodbye

                ‘Mr Story Teller’ personified  1950s ‘Happy Day’ values he grew up with-

               – the consummate professional  maintained a humbleness you no longer see

Dodger baseball announcer announced 67 years for the Dodgers – longer than anybody. Scully announced 53% of all Dodger games going back to the beginning- 1800s. Incredible!


Only Vin Scully could get away with saying whatever he wants. Because who he is and because he says it right – in a nice, constructive way.

Whether it was his comment about Venezuelan socialism or telling the Giants Brandon Crawford how NOT to slide, we loved hearing it from Vin.

Vin made us comfortable. Even though he’d been  one of the  few ‘non-homer’ announcers still going, he would make Dodger fans feel better in a loss just by hearing his dulcet tones.  Scully made you feel good not only about baseball but about life.  When things got bad he would remind you that there’s a lot more to life than the kid’s sport – even though Scully still refers to himself as the eight-year-old  kid  getting to do what he always wanted – for 67 years!

The   ‘Master Story teller’ made you feel good about baseball and life – even if the Dodgers lost. He brought class from another era you don’t see much anymore.  There are other good sports broadcasters but , still, nobody will probably ever fill Scully’s shoes.


Regarding the Venezuelan comment, Scully made headlines earlier this year not for a sports event but for a comment he made about Socialism in Venezuela.  After talking about a  particular player from Venezuelan he bemoaned the fact that ‘socialism doesn’t work, ‘  while expressing his sadness for this player and others from Venezuela because of the state of the government there.  ‘We know that socialism doesn’t work’ or wordsto that effect.  Any other sports announcer would likely not touch such a topic or get excoriated.  Not that Scully does it often. He pretty much stays right withbaseball, but shows  great interest in the human side of the players, and this comment derived from that interest


The other recent above mentioned note was when Scully recently offered constructive criticism for the Giants’ Brandon Crawford’s sliding ability. He first , however , made some very positive comments, noting Crawford’s exceptional skills in the field and at bat but then questioned the head first slide that cost Crawford to leave the game and be out a fwe days after getting scraped up on the hands and face. ‘Players are taught anymore not to slide head first,’ said Scully.’


LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 19: George Lombard #27 of the Los Angeles Dodgers gets in-between Yasiel Puig #66 of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Brandon Belt #9 of the San Francisco Giants and Madison Bumgarner #40 of the San Francisco Giants after words were exchanged after the final out of the seventh inning of the game at Dodger Stadium on September 19, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
LOS ANGELES, CA – SEPTEMBER 19: George Lombard #27 of the Los Angeles Dodgers gets in-between Yasiel Puig #66 of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Brandon Belt #9 of the San Francisco Giants and Madison Bumgarner #40 of the San Francisco Giants after words were exchanged after the final out of the seventh inning of the game at Dodger Stadium on September 19, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)   Most agree  that it was Bumgarner who really set off the skirmish with one of his patented ‘stare downs’ and questioning Puig.  SCULLY handled the situation in the announcing booth as he always does, with humor while diffusing the situation – at least for TV and radio viewers




red_and_blue_2 FLASHING GOOD


Giants September mini-surge by some players shows Bumgarner and others appear to be drinking the Kool-aid again while displaying that Bondsian arrogance (Bumbarner) which cost the Giants a big game against the Dodgers.  After a lack-luster July and August , Bumgarner once again has suddenly improved in September ala past years not only pitching but hitting monster home runs in batting practice, Meanwhile, not all this year but some of the usual ‘September surgers ‘  are back at it , hitting well above their normal averages, notably Hunter Pence (.350), Brandon Belt (.350) with newcomer Eduardo Nunez (.380) and even bench player Ehire Adrianza (.300). Whether it’s enough for the Giants semi-annual unlikely push to the playoffs this time we ‘ll soon find out



Is Bumgarner the Giants’ Barry Bonds 2.0 for 2010s? #PEDs

red_and_blue_2 FLASHING GOOD

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Hear portion of historic Candlestick Concert from Aug.29, 1964 concert


Paul McCartney sets sights on Candlestick’s last bow


It was actually former Beatle PAUL MCCARTNEY who first brought up the idea of headlining one last concert at Candlestick Park – where the Beatles played their final gig for a paying crowd in 1966 – before the stadium’s date with the wrecking ball.


That historic concert will take place this Thursday at the old, windswept Candlestick Park


  1. The Beatles at Candlestick in 1966: An oral history from …

    Aug 10, 2014 · Last month, The Big Event and the San Francisco Chronicle started searching for readers who went to the Aug. 29, 1966, The Beatles show at Candlestick …















Candlestick was originally built for the San Francisco Giants baseball team after they came to San Francisco in 1958.




A typical cold, windy night at Candlestick. Yes, this is summer in San Francisco.





It became such a negative, the Giants tried to turn the cold weather into a positive with these

‘Croix de Candlestick’ buttons that were given out to those who would brave the cold nights at Candlestick.



The Great WILLIE MAYS who made Candlestick his home during the 1960s

General view of Candlestick Park after the earthquake

Second Famous San Francisco Earthquake in 1989 just as the Giants were enterting into their first World Series since 1954.  The Series was delayed for over a week while the stadium w as restored to playing condition. The Oakland A’s would beat the Giants in four straight games.



In recent years, Candlestick was home to the 49ers.  They recently played their last football game there.(Aug 1989)




paul mccartney today

Paul McCartney will be there for one last show August 29, 2014. exactly 50 years later.


One last look at the Bealtles in 1964 Candlestick appearance



San Francisco Surf City, Movie Mecca? Vintage Venues Live!

San Francisco Surf City? You don’t think of SF as a surf mecca, with its cold weather and lack of surf. But wait! San Francisco DOES have surf and it actually has some nice weather in September and October . There’s  Ocean Beach, the Clift House, the Beach Chalet… and even some real surfers. Chris (sometimes surfer )  calls the SF Avenues near the beach  his home along with a number of other surf groups with Pollo Del Mar and its leader Ferenc probably the leading promoter of San Francisco as a legit surf town. … And right where the ‘ Ocean meets Western Civilization’ at 45th Av and Taraval is a little hidden gem of a night spot calleld the Riptide.  Not only is the name apropo  but the place makes for a great little music venue.   As the Zagat guide describes it’s part Tahoe ski lodge with its dark wood and part funky  quaint bar  tucked away in a cute little neighborhood at land’s end. Never had been there before and glad I went.  Golden State

San Francisco Surf City, Movie Mecca? Vintage Venues Live!

Sorry, an interior photo of Riptide just can’t capture the feel of the place. You’d need a wideangle to capture the double bar, fireplace in back , moosehead on the wall, etc…  Surf meccas Huntington Beach  and   Santa Curz may not have any original haunts  like this. And  Riptide is the real thing, having its beginnings in 1941 with little changed over the years, it would appear.  Now, nostalgic pictures line the walls. The split, or double bar is very unusal and adds to the character , much like Trad’r Sam’s round tiki bar (1937) not far down the avenues.  And Polo Del Mar really brought it all together with its latest surf sounds. Whoever thought this one out for a surf venue was right on. Hope the boys come back soon, or some other surf groups, though it would be tough to top Ferenc and the boys.. maybe their friends the Meshugga Beach Party would come closest for a local Bay Area band….  check out Pollo Del Mar here… Nokie Edwards of the Ventures sits in with Pollo del Mar in Tokyo, Japan, a hotbed for surf music.

Even older than the Riptide is the Balboa Theater (1926). We tired to cram it all in this Sat. nite 11/12/11 , running from Riptide 5 minutes up the road to here but Sutro had just finished its last run of the night

so can’t really highlight the interior of the classic pre – deco theater nor the new documentary about the famed Sutro Baths, once  another highlight of San Francisco’s  Lands End, with its huge heated pools and colorful spectacles, just up the road from another Ocean Beach gen, Playland at the Beach, Sutro burned down years ago and Playland closed  in the early 70s but the memories live on. In fact, a woman , now in her 80s,  who worked at Sutro for years was able to collect so much memorabilia the producers of a previous movie about Playland came to her recently to ask her to take part in the new film about the Sutro baths.  We’ll have to give it another try before it closes. And what better venue than the Balboa, not  more than a mile from where it all happened…

That’s the neat thing about this night.. being able to witness such events in such perfect and appropriate  vintage settings! Check out Riptide  and the Balboa along with Pollo Del Mar and Sutro, the latter you may have to catch at a less exciting venue.  The Best of American & Foreign Films Posters. Book 2. From the Classic and Film Noir to Deco and Avant-Garde. 4th Edition. (World best films posters)

San Francisco Surf City, Movie Mecca? Vintage Venues Live!