60 Years after His Death, Buddy Holly To Perform ‘Live’ Again in Touring Hologram

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One of only two live filmed performances of Buddy Holly that live on

prior to the Hologram



Courtresy Natalie Groves, KVUE:

BEVERLY HILLS, CA — It’s a sign of the times. A Buddy Holly hologram is in the works.

Hologram USA Entertainment Inc., the same people who brought the Tupac hologram to Coachella, announced its partnership with Holly’s widow to bring a tour of the late star to Texas in 2016. Maria Elena Holly gave Hologram USA permission to use Holly’s likeness for the hologram.

“I am so excited that my partnership with Hologram USA on the Buddy Holly concert project will allow a new generation of fans to experience the thrill of seeing Buddy ‘live’ and in concert for the first time in many decades,” said Maria Elena Holly, head of Buddy Holly Licensing. “This show is dedicated to Buddy’s fans around the world — it is because of them that his music will ‘Not Fade Away.'”

Maria Elena Holly attends Buddy Holly's induction into
Maria Elena Holly attends Buddy Holly’s induction into The Hollywood Walk of Fame on September 7, 2011 in Hollywood, California. (Photo: Jason LaVeris, FilmMagic)
Buddy Holly, a Lubbock native, is widely considered a pioneer of rock ‘n’ roll music. His career only lasted a year before his untimely death by a plane crash on Feb. 3, 1959. Holly was 22 years old. The day of the plane crash is often referred to as ‘The Day the Music Died.’

The Holly hologram is already in the works. The launch city and date will be announced soon. After the Texas Holly tour, the show will tour the United States, and then the world.

“I am a big Buddy Holly fan so much so that I still can’t believe that we are in the Buddy Holly business. This is a great time for Hologram USA to help bring back this incredible icon,” said Alki David, CEO of Hologram USA.


56 Years after His Death, Buddy Holly To Perform ‘Live’…

DAVID BOX STORY – Buddy Holly’s Replacement Had Everything But…

‘LITTLE LONELY SUMMER GIRL’ (Box, 1964)  (Reviewed as ‘Buddy Holly on Steroids’)
David Box, who replaced Buddy Holly in the Crickets for a time following the tragic plane crash after ‘ the Day The Music Died’ in 1959, had multiple recordings  which were likely hit material such as the this last single  released not long before Box’ tragic death in 1964-so much so that  Roy Orbison, himself, would  write two songs for Box and record him while inviting Box to stay  at Orbison’s Nashville home. Inexplicably, this final and potential breakthrough hit was pulled from the airwaves on Box’s death in an airplane crash, according to an unnamed source and arranger on the song who was at the recording session (Youtube).


50th Anniversary Tribute to David Box Songs

DAVID BOX STORY – Holly/Cricket Replacement Was Unsung Hero Of Rock and Roll

Box Had Everything Going Until Ironic, Untimely Death

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2 NEW CDS Pay Tribute to DAVID BOX, Out of the box tribute cd image

Unsung Hero of Rock & Roll

GOLD SPINNING STARS GOOGThe DAVID BOX STORY 32-Song CD (Roller Coaster) > rrpeeks@aol.com      SET  LIST

GOLD SPINNING STARS GOOG ‘Out of the Box’ Instrumental Tribute from Brian McCrae (played on David Box’ stratocaster) with Rita Box Peek

DAVID BOX Tribute from David’s sister, Rita Box Peek

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David Box was only 17 and still in high school in Lubbock, Texas,  when he learned of ‘the plane crash,’  on what would later be called  ‘the day the music died’   in Don McLean’s tribute ‘American Pie.’  According to David’s sister, Rita Box Peak, David was ‘devastated’ when he learned of Buddy Holly’s death on February 3, 1959. He had lost his musical and hometown idol. Yet, Holly’s songs continued to be a source of inspiration and it was later that year that Box would get his own Stratocaster guitar, like that of Holly.  He was already involved in a  rock and roll band called  The Rythm Teens, which had yet to find a drummer.


Unable to enter a local talent contest without a drummer, Box attended the contest and was impressed with Ernie Hall,  who performed solo representing a number of famous drumming styles including those of  Crickets’ Jerry Allison.  It wasn’t long before Hall joined up with David and another person to form the Ravens.



Rita, five years David’s junior, remembers her brother’s strong desire to succeed, as she explains in the liner notes of the recent 32-song David Box CD (Roller Coaster)  now available through her (http://RitaBoxPeek.com) . She remembers the store owner where David bought his stratocaster telling them that David had already taught HIM a few things on the guitar.


Meanwhile, good fortune would have it that Ernie Hall lived just across the street from Jerry Allison, the drummer for the Crickets. Allison had recently moved with remaining Crickets to Los Angeles.  Hall had sent him an acetate of two songs Allison must have like  and Hall and Box were invited to Los Angeles to record those two songs with the Crickets (‘Don’t Cha Know’ and ‘Peggy Sue Got Married,’ the old Buddy Holly song), who , were looking for new talent after the loss of Holly.


Just like that, Box had made his first 45 record (with the Crickets) with the A side ‘Don’t Cha Know’ written by Box and the ‘B’ site the old Holly song ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’ ( though we’ve seen some conflicting notes on which was really the A and B sides.

David Box is not pictured in above photo but it is him singing lead on ‘Don’t Cha Know.’ We have yet to see a cover for this single with his picture on it. Certainly, poor publicity like this did not help his career. Pictured are original Crickets Jerry Allison, Joe B Mauldin and  long-time  off-and-on lead Sonny Curtis.



Still in high school, Box was already involved in a recording and with Holly’s old group no less,though he and Hall would have to return home to continue their education.  And that was the extent of  Box’ association with the Crickets, but it was a springboard for him. He would continue to hone his craft back home in Lubbock.




Said one of his old high school classmates at a 2001 reunion,

‘David was extremely adept as a guitarist and would have been in the same league as Clapton had he lived.  His vocal range fell just short of Orbison but covered a greater span than most singers,’according to the aforementioned CD liner notes.

David was inspired by Roy as well as Buddy Holly and his delivery brought to mind both of them. He was described as a hard-working , unassuming, shy kid by other classmates.

David would later transfer to Lubbock High School where he found an ‘enlightened’ administration that encouraged his musical aspirations. He found , too, a pool of musical talent to draw from and the next incarnation  of his group would be known as The Shamrocks.



The Shamrocks would record ‘Some Sweet Day’ and ‘That’s All I Want From You’  at Ben Hall’s Studio. Hall had one of the few recording studios in West Texas that were equipped to record rock and roll.  Prior to the opening of his studio many artists had to travel further, such as Buddy Holly did going to Norman Petty’s famed NorVaJak studios in Clovis, New Mexico. Though Some Sweet Day and That’s All I Want From You tunes didn’t make it to vinyl, they are available on the new David Box Story CD.


While Box was waiting for his recording career to get into high gear, he continued to record. This time it was cover versions of a couple rhythm and blues tunes,Little Richard’s  ‘Slippin and Slidin’ and  the Fats Domino’s ‘Valley of Tears.’  Rita and former Shamrock James Shipley felt ‘Valley of Tears,’though never formally released to the public, was ‘one of Box’   finest vocal performances.’ ‘These performances  remind me of his casual style coming from his room, that would always draw me there, ‘ says Rita.  She includes ‘Some Sweet Day’ in the same category. Both these songs are also available on ‘The David Box Story’ CD.  She referred to her brother as ‘painting with music’ and said ‘artistic goals were very high and he expected to fulfill them all within a very short time.


BIG TIME – First Professional Recording Session

Box Makes Big Impression on Orbison

‘David’s first solo professional recording session was arranged for the 5th of April, 1962 in Nashville. By invitation, he and Ben Hall stayed at the home of Roy Orbison, a close associate of Ben’s, according to the liner notes of the ‘Box Story’ CD. ‘ David had found his next great influence (in Orbison. In the next few days before the recording session they sat around talking music, playing guitars and singing.  Record company owner Ted Groebl was also in Nashville and witnessed some of the interaction between David and Orbison. Ted remembers that Orbison was so impressed with David both as a singer and as a guitarist. Roy was amazed how David could play those Buddy Holly licks.  It was then that Orbison came up with two compositions for Box to record, at the time known as ‘Don’t Talk About Her’ and ‘Don’t Pity Me,’ but later retitled ‘If You Can’t Say Something Nice’ and ‘I’ve Had My Moments.’  The recording session took place at RCA Studios famous Studio B


 Only 5 Singles (10 songs) But Lots of Unreleased Tunes 22 of Which Have Been Since Released on The David Box Story CD



David Box only had five singles released and no albums until the 2002 David Box Story, during  his five year career. But , he recorded probably more than 50 tunes, rivaling Buddy Holly’s production.  Any number of these tunes could have been viable singles, and fortunately, tapes were saved and 22 more tunes have since been recorded on the 2002 ‘David Box Story  CD, along with these 10 previously released singles songs.  And, more good news is that we’re told by Rita that there is a Volume 2 of the David Box Story in the offing!






David Box was only 17 and just starting out when , through a local connection,  he was introduced and asked to sing on  a Crickets single in 1960, following the passing of lead singer Buddy Holly. The single’s two songs, ‘Don’t Cha Know’ (Box) and ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’ (Holly) made it onto the album ‘In Style With The Crickets.’  Perhaps these songs were not of the caliber of the material Box would later record as he was growing as an artist or it was just intended as a one time thing. Add that to the fact that Box was to return home from Los Angeles to finish high school and that Sonny Curtis – though not of the caliber of Box as a lead singer – was now doing most of the lead singing for the Crickets .  For whatever reason, Box never returned to the Crickets after only with them  for a month or so, recording the two-song single that also appeared on a Crickets album, then touring with them briefly .  In any event, it’s no small thing to add to his resume’ that Box followed his idol, Buddy Holly, singing lead for the Crickets and on the last single the Crickets would perform on Holly’s original Coral label – even if it was only for a brief moment in time.

“Don’t Cha Know” / “Peggy Sue Got Married”  David Box, lead singer, Coral Records (1960).  However, it might not have made much difference anyway who the lead singers for the Crickets were, sans Holly, through the 1960s as they would never have another charting record   in the Top 100 with anyone other than Holly. (Holly had several posthumous minor hits in the U.S. following his death and many in the U.K.)


Box became friends with Orbison and, in 1962, recorded two excellent renditions of Orbison songs in Nashville under the auspices of Orbison .  “If You Can’t Say Something Nice” / “I’ve Had My Moments” on Candix Records rivaled Orbison’s own versions of the songs; in fact, Box’s slowed-down version of ‘Moments’ was probably better than Orbison’s (and Box’s own) uptempo version. Yet, nothing came of those, either. By then, Box had really polished his craft both as a singer, guitar player and song writer.  And, just when perhaps his biggest and best song was hitting the airwaves, late 1964, Box perished in his own plane crash, and, purportedly, his songs (‘Little Lonely Summer Girl‘ b/w ‘No One Will Ever Know’) were pulled from the airwaves for reasons we don’t  know.



CD set list


ROY ORBISON Birthday Tribute (4-23) with Bruce, Neil, Wilbury and Surprise Duet!

Beatles John and Ringo , along with Roy’s first wife, Claudette (dark hair) celebrate Roy’s 27th in UK 50 years ago today. Pictured below is one of Orbison’s two sons who would later die in housefire in 1968.

Cheers on what would be his 77th birthday to the man, Roy Orbison, who Rolling Stone Magazine once wrote off as an ‘insignificant’ figure in rock and roll – that before all the big names schmoozed him on Black & White concert,etc on the big comeback (not that Roy had really ever gone away)!  



Bruce Springsteen and 10,000 fans Sing Happy Birthday to Roy

 ‘Pretty Woman,’ Roy Orbison’s blockbuster hit from 1964, here in a Spanish presentation combining Orbison’s  first big national appearance, on Ed Sullivan in 1965, along with interspersed background scenes from the movie, ‘Pretty Woman,’ which would help Roy, even in death, continue his new found popularity. Producers of the movie had originally wanted a younger voice to sing the song, but Roy won out as nobody could sing it like Roy.

The eerily, beautiful video from the movie, Blue Velvet, 1986, which raised eyebrows for using Orbison’s ‘innocent, sweet song’ In Dreams  in such a strange, violent movie, but

a key factor in propelling Orbison back into the spotlight in late Seventies and Eighties. It’s the most popular Roy YouTube video with over 5 million viewings!   Today Orbison is the second most popular and top selling artist next to Elvis from the pre-Beatles rock and roll era (1955-63). As a barometor of today, his facebook page has over 600,000 fan ‘likes’; by contrast, Jerry Lee Lewis , who is alive, has  130,000 .


 ROY ORBISON still in the national spotlight witj one of many appearances on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, lipsynching ‘Oh Pretty Woman’ before an enthusiasic throng of teenagers. Includes an interview, where Orbison talks about his upcoming movie.


 And, here’s Roy in a medley of songs and scenes from his only movie ‘Fastest Guitar Alive,’ beginning with an impressive flamenco presentation by Roy on ‘Pistolero.’ Other
songs include ‘Good Time Party,’ and the beat balad, ‘Whirlwind.’


With the Boston tragedy still on our minds, here’s the associated song, Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline,’ performed by Orbison in Australia in the 1970s

 Orbison surprises Neil Diamond at a concert and sings ‘Sung Song Blue ‘ together with
Diamond and then performs ‘Running Scared’ solo (Pretty unusual for an artists to be brought on to sing

one of his own songs, unplanned, in someone else’s concert !  (2-19-76)  ) 

 There were so many things that helped cement the Roy Orbison Comeback, which effectively began the night of Elvis’ passing, August 17, 1977 when Roy managed to perform without a dry eye in the sold out Santa Monica auditorium before over 10,000 folks.  Orbison hadn’t been appearing much in the 1970s – an RV show in Cincinatti before 600 in 1976 was pretty typical .  This would be a springboard for Orbison, who would  continue  to
perform  regularly now and appear on TV more than ever , but his appearance with his old and new found adoring music associates that came together in the ‘Black and White Night’ tribute performance at Los Angeles’ Coconut Grove might have been the single biggest
contributing factor to his 10 year long comeback that culminated with the Traveling Wilburys and Mystery Girl top five album.  

Here Roy sings on an ‘extra,’ BLUE ANGEL -not included in the regular Black and White Night program footage that has been seen around the world thousands of times since first aired in 1987 on PBS TV. Backed by the likes of kd lang, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, James Burton and more, this is the tribute performance of all tributes, coming after Roy’s Hall of Fame induction.  


Orbison singing the Star Spangled Banner at
a Los Angeles King hockey game, October 1988


 ROY ORBISON on top of the Rock World again with new Top Ten song, ‘ You Got It ‘, here performing the song live at an awards reception in Holland shortly before his passing in 1988.

It was the lead song from his new, comeback solo album, ‘Mystery Girl’ . The song would reach number nine  on the charts and the album number five. Sadly , Orbison passed before the album

was released and this was the only live performance of an album cut.

Intimate back stage footage of Roy working on his last album, .  ‘Mystery Girl,’  including

footage of ‘leftover’ songs used on subsequent, posthumous LP, ‘King of Hearts.’ (West 57th)


More recent tributes, from Hollywood Walk of Fame presentation two years ago with
Roy’s wife , Barbara, and three living sons, Wesley, Alex, and Roy Kelton Jr,
T Bone Burnett, Dan Akroid and others

And, now get read for a Big Surprise!

Ever wondered what Roy and Elvis might be doing today if they were still alive?

Well… here is it!

ELVIS PRESLEY and ROY ORBISON Together Again !  Amazing but true.   Elvis and Roy had long talked of doing a duet together. And, now, through   powers unbeknownst   to us… a dream

come true… the duet, ‘Together Again.’ 


We are told through  mysterious sources  that Roy and Elvis want  to return to Earth for a project –  and this is their first effort from their proposed ‘Where Spirits Fly’  .  We will hope to channel them again , soon, and let you know if and when we do

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