RECORD STORE DAY Shows Vinyl’s Resurgence, Why We Love Records


A look at Hollywoods Amoeba Records and why folks are lining around the block on Record Store Day…. Yes, vinyl has made an amazing comeback , with many old and new artists releasing their music on vinyl gain.

Record Store Day Brings Back the Good Times in Vinyl Again

Pretty exciting to have vinyl still with us today with the old and even new artists recording on it again. 

For us, going to the record store for the first time in a long time and seeing little changed….plus all the new artist vinyl PLUS record players! Being able to visit the old LPs and 45s, again – the warm sounds, the art and liner notes- was like visiting an old friend.

VINYL LPs or albums, as they are still known, include wonderful art, large pictures and extensive cover art and liner notes, unlike most CDs (compact discs) that later followed but have come on hard times.

Today, LPs again have their own place on , yes, RECORD STORE and music store shelves and displays, like the Walter Brennan album above.  

VINYL 45 rpm records ushered in the Rock and Roll era in the mid-50s as 78s were phased out. 45s were the listening media of choice and many included jacket art. There were even EPs (extended plays) or mini-albums.

It’s a modern, homeade CD but a tribute to the ERA. Until everyone gets their record players back again, items like this will help made for a transition. THE OLD IS NEW AGAIN!

More classic LP art. More to follow….

RECORD STORE DAY Shows Vinyl’s Resurgence, Why We Love Records

Record Store Day -Celebrate t Amoeba, Down Home Music, Jerry Lee Lewis

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record store day

 Record Store Day -Celebrate t Amoeba, Down Home Music, Jerry Lee Lewis

 Record Store Day 2015

Saturday, April 18 – All Day | Cost: FREE | Amoeba Music (SF) and Down Home Music, El Cerrito – FREE live concert at 2 pm

Record Store Day 2015

Major and independent label artists alike have special, vinyl-only limited edition releases available on the third Saturday in April, a.k.a. Record Store Day.
Amoeba, Aquarius, Rasputin, and dozens of record stores in the Bay Area will take part in the celebration. There will some local stores with special events with DJ …

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Best Decade To Live In America?

website buttons2015-03-29_8-29-33

Above is a poll shown on the CBS Sunday Morning TV Show 3-29-15.  A question that has been asked before, or in different ways, such as ‘What Is Your Favorite Decade?’.

Two problems arise when trying to get accurate results from such a poll:

1) Most people tend to remember the more recent decades and younger folks, if allowed or who snuck in the poll, know little about the 1950s or 1960s except by what they’ve been told by a sometimes biased media.

2) Polls don’t necessarily account for key variables, such as that a person should really have had to live during all decades to accurately answer the question.


So, as a result of these often unaccounted variables, you will normally see results slanted favorably toward more recent times, as we see above.

Nonetheless, it’s intersting to see that the longest ago decade, the 1950s, polls higher than the more recent 1960s and 1970s.

People gave the 1950s higher ratings for the relative peace during the period and the advent of the new rock and roll music.  The 1980s and 1990s were favored for generally good economic times. The 1960s and 1970s weren’t without their positive callings, too, including the prosperous, ‘happy days’ of the early 60s Kennedy Era.


I Like The OLD CAR SMELL T-shirts and more DEAL – ’63 Chrysler Imperial



I Like The OLD CAR SMELL                    T-shirts and more DEAL


Nothing like a classic car. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore. I actually feel better just riding in my ’63 Chrysler Imperial. It has PERSONALITY and ‘Big Carhuna’ is smiling again (he really is) after two years in disrepair.’ Some like the New Car Smell. Not us… What about you?

Car styles reflect the times… Just looking at the front alone… the shining chrome,and ,yes, those smiling, floating eyes…  On style alone, which would you choose,old or new? (You can’t really appreciate the overall look of the ‘Carhuna’ from this straight on shot)…

old vs new cars


Do you also prefer the OLD CAR SMELL? Now, you can wear it on your sleeve – if not in your classic car! Enjoy!





SURF MEDLEY -Brown Signature. approx. 10 Minutes

Get Off of That Telephone – Brown makes an anti-driving with cell phone pitch; you can even hear the police sirens and other sounds of the road…

 CameraZOOM-20150324210634049Junior Brown’s ‘contraption’ is actually on a stand. He plays the top neck as if he were holding a guitar and easily jumps back and forth with the bottom steel neck, which he plays  ‘overhand’ . He has to lean down and over to be able to play both, which must be a bit hard on the backbone.. but Brown does a helluva amazing job at it…




Imagine an artist who can play surf guitar with the best, steel guitar like the country kings – and  most any other guitar styling while singing along in the appropriate style . It takes a special DOUBLE GUITAR that only JUNIOR BROWN plays as well as his unique, one-off voice, contortionist body and personality . Brown makes for one of the great live entertainers on the circuit today . His 10 minute long ‘surf medley’ may be the single most dynamic live ‘show tune’ among any current entertainers going . We caught Brown March 24, 2015 at Berkeley’s Freight and Salvage. Catch him when he comes to your area. you won’t be disappointed.



from Freight and Salvage:

The music of Junior Brown combines the soul of country and the spirit of rock and roll. The crooner with the deep, dry voice invented his own instrument, the guit-steel, a double-necked contraption that combines the best of electric guitar and lap steel. But it wouldn’t matter what he played if he didn’t play with such passion and drive. You hear echoes of other guitar greats, from Ernest Tubb to to Jimi Hendrix to Stevie Ray Vaughn, but the sound is all Junior, country and bluesy and funny too – which may be why Junior was tabbed to write the theme song for the new TV show, Better Call Saul. Junior has a way of singing that sounds dead serious and yet entirely aware of the humor of any situation.


Born in Cottonwood, Arizona, Junior discovered a guitar in his grandparents’ attic and started a career that took him to the Continental Club in Austin, Texas, three Grammy nominations, a Country Music Association Award, and a Bluegrass Music Association Award, not to mention collaborations with Ralph Stanley, Hank Thompson, George Jones, The Beach Boys, and Stone Temple Pilots. His movie credits include Me Myself and Irene, Trespass, and The Dukes of Hazzard. His TV credits include X Files, Austin City Limits, multiple appearances on Saturday Night Live, and even a cameo in SpongeBob SquarePants. He’s a one-of-a-kind performer who laid it all on the line at the Freight!