Jimmy Beaumont

JIMMY BEAUMONT, lead singer of the Skyliners

died Saturday (October 7), a couple of weeks shy of his 77th birthday. Jimmy originally started singing while at Knoxville Junior High School in Pittsburgh in a group called the Montereys (later the Crescents) that came to the attention of local manager Joe Rock. He got them a contract with Calico Records with a song he wrote (literally on the way to the recording studio) called “Since I Don’t Have You”. Released under the name “the Skyliners”, it got to #12 in 1959 and was followed by (among others) “This I Swear” (#26-1959) and “Pennies From Heaven” (#24-1960). As a solo artist, Jimmy barely scratched the national chart with “Ev’rybody’s Cryin'” (#100-1961) and ” I Feel Like I’m Falling In Love” (#123-1965). The Skyliners, however, called it quits by 1964. Jimmy took on a variety of non-musical jobs, including driving a cab, before re-forming the Skyliners to play the oldies circuit starting in the ’70s and he continued to front the group until his passing. The Skyliners were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2002. Scroll down Facebook to Oct 10, 2017  for more video clips or http://OldiesCountry.com (search Skyliners)

One of the the Skyliners later efforts after the group reforned in 1974 when ‘oldies’ were first becoming popular