We sure could use a George Carlin today- someone not afraid of pointing fingers at anyone who deserved it, regardless of party affiliation.

who 30 years ago was already tiring of the 
self-righteous environmentalists
and white, burgeoise liberals’
concerned about not enough bicycle paths and ‘making the world safe for their Volvos’.

Carlin would go crazy today seeing all the bicycle lanes crowding out the vehicle lanes and all the hypocritical Prius and Tesla owners plus ‘their mammoth Ford Explorers / gas-guzzling SUVs…

‘The planet is fine compared to the people.  We haven’t learned how to take care of ourselves and they’re trying to save the planet….The planet is fine. The people are fxxxxx’ …> https://youtu.be/7W33HRc1A6c

See also https://roadtosuccess.us/rest-of-the-story/