Find one of the most under-rated doo-wop groups ever, which continues performing today in classic form. The Pentagon’s never had a hit go higher than #48 on the Billboard charts (‘To Be Loved,’ 1961) but they probably deserved alot better fate. Lead singer Joe C. Jones hails from the West Coast (San Bernardino) , which may be part of the problem, since the bulk of doo-wop comes from the East. Plus, when the song was recorded, in 1961. doo-wop was already fading from the music scene as surf and lighter sounds were taking its place.
We caught Jones and his new Pentagons at an a recent appearance in Livermore, Calfronial, after having seen him a few years earlier in Modesto. If there’s a better , more classic sounding ddo-wop group going today, hits or no hits, I’d like to hear them. ‘To Be Loved’ couild have gone Top 10 a few years earlier. Their other early songs, as found on their CD, Then and Now, are very strong, especially ‘I Wonder,’ ‘I’m In Love’ and ‘She’s Mine.’
The song writing is classic doo-wop, the singing impeccable.
Jones singing remains spectacular today; I can’t think of another lead singer who has maintained the quality and sound of his early records. He’s done well to find two backup singers that round out this talented trio. Why they haven’t been given a spot on PBS’ doo-wop series is a mystery. Will have to talk to that TJ Lubinski. Afterall, he’s all the way over in Pittsburg, which again, is part of the probelm. Anywy, check out this rare interview with San Bernardino-raised Joe Jones on LaneQuigley’s fine Rocket Radio show, then listen to a couple cuts before you go out and get the CD, Then and No w. Enjoy!  Now that you’ve got a sample you can find the Pentagons CD ‘Then and After’ at Amazon by clicking here