Katrina was good for something. It got Alan Toussaint out and ont the road for the first time – and he hasn’t looked back. One of the key songwriters of New Orleans going back to the 60s and ‘Mother In Law, Certain Girl, Southern Nights, etc etc, Toussaint is perhaps the CArole King of New Orleans,having written for and worked with nearly everyone there and elsewhere… Ernie K Doe, Benny Spellman, Lee Dorsey, Etta James, etc . We were lucky enough to see him perform in Oakland last night and he amazed the sold out late show with his intricate, eclectic piano work and vocals, not to mention his recall of 50 years working witht he greats…http://youtu.be/5VgaJzWWHfU

Last monoth cauyght the great Glen Campbell on his Farewell Tour where he closed with Southern Nights, which has become his signature song… written by none other than Allen Toussaint and now we got tosee the writer do his version… as here: