APRIL 3 – A busy day for birthdays of singers.  Actress-singer Doris Day is 90 OR 91 , depending on which source you follow – but it doesn’t matter..  Singer Wayne Newton is 71. Singer Billy Joe Royal is 71. Singer Tony Orlando is 69.  Let’s start out with this nice tribute to Doris from Sampodmike, noting her All Time #1 Box Office rank  as well as her activism for animals.  DORIS DAY personified the happy days wholesomeness of the 1950s era, to which this website is devoted. Yet, she suffered more tragedies in one life than anyone should have to deal with, including  the loss of her only son , songwriter and singer Terry Melcher and troubled marriages.  Not surprisingly, she has devoted much of her life now to her animals  and rarely makes public appearances. She continues to reside in beautiful Carmel-by the Sea, California and still owns the wonderful, pet-friendly Cypress Inn there.


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Next to Elvis,  WAYNE NEWTON, 71, was the biggest draw in Las Vegas for many years – still may be.  He even uses the Elvis Star Wars introduction and much of Elvis’s stick ‘The King of the Las Vegas strip’, as on this 70th birthday tribute from last year, so it is said by SJSharkWanabe. Newton’s had his own problems over the years. We wish him well on this special day. Enjoy this full 2 hour show

BILLY JOE ROYAL had a few excellent hits (‘I Knew You When, Down in the Boondocks,’ etc. in the mid 60s, very much in the tradition of Gene Pitney and Roy Orbison before being one of the first cross over artists (listen to ‘Boardwalk Angel ‘, reminiscent of ‘Under the Boardwalk’ and ‘Stand By Me.’ ) ‘  In fact, I just noticed he sounds and looks very much like Pitney, as you’ll see in this rare video from 1965. Royal appeared in recent years with top orbison tribute performer Larry Branson.



TONY ORLANDO, 69,  has had a long , fabled caree  , first catching a break at age 17 during the Brill Building late 50s era (‘Bless You,’ Halfway to Paradise) , only to see his career ressurected in the ’70s with Dawn and a string of fun, singalong hits (‘Tie A Yellow Ribbon, Knock Three Times, etc’) and continues to perform today in Branson and other places. Orlando has always been a real crowd favorite. Bless YOU , Tony. Note the song was ‘arranged and conducted’ by Carol King! (though written by Mann and Weil