Bobby Vee’s first hit, Suzie Baby, in an update 1962 version. The song, obviously inspired by Buddy Holly , performed in  1959 when Vee  filled in for Buddy Holly the night of the plane crash.

BOBBY VEE – from 15 Year Old Buddy Holly Fill-in to Enduring Rock and Roll Star #BobbyVee

“If when your life is over… you can smile at where you’ve been, you’ve accomplished all that matters in the end…”

-Robert Thomas Velline 10-24-2016

Four years ago I wrote the article, below, after hearing the tail end of a news report about Bobby Vee. They usually only mention earlier rock and roll stars when they pass or are involved in something bad, so I had just assumed Vee had passed – but didn’t want to hear any harsh reality. I would hold out the slight hope that Vee DIDN’T pass in May, 2012. Yet, I never checked the news or anything until several years later, when I learned the bittersweet news that Vee hadn’t passed but had been diagnosed with dementia. Vee would live another four years, though unable to really perform. His sons, the Vees, no doubt have carried on performing in the Bobby Vee tradition. We will follow up with more soon.

Not surprisingly we learned of Vee’s passing through a the British media (BBC); as with so many early U.S. rock and roll starsVee was probably more popular in Britain through most of his career and to this day, than he was in America. Rather than dwell on his passing, we’ll just link that clip and now discuss highlights of Bobby Vee’s career

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Teen Idol’ at St. Paul’s History Theatre fits to a Vee

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 BOBBY VEE – from Rubber Ball to Run To Him

MAY 12, 2012

I think I heard something on the radio today I didn’t want to hear.  It was the tail end of a news report.  Tell me I didn’t hear it.   I don’t want to know.

Bobby Vee, one of the many  ‘bobby’ singers of the early 60s is more than a teen idol. He was a musician , he wrote some of his songsm though his friend Del Shannon used to tease him because Del struggled to write most of his songs whereas bobby got help from the likes of Carol King (Take Good Care of My Baby’ and others. Speaking of Del Shannon, when Del passed Bobby Vee went out of his way to eulogize Del, saying very nice things like the above notation about. Del had earlier said nice things about Bobby during interviews back in the ’80s.




I only saw Bobby Vee perform once, maybe twice.  He didn’t do California mcy (where I live). I did see him at least once, on New Year’s eve maybe a decade or more ago, performing with Brenda Lee.  Bobby has so much energy and he, like Rick Nelson and other teen idols is into the music first, externals second.

The  story of how Vee took over for Buddy Hoilly at Clear Lake , Iowa


as a 15-year-old with his group, the Shadows, following the terrible plane crash in 1959. Well Vee, was no flash in the pan.  He would go on to have many hits with his own signature sound, though always with a hint of Buddy.  He loved the music and exuded that in concert.

He was /is a family man and loves his sons , who made up his band in the later years, The Vees.

I feel very fortunate to have grown up during Vee’s heyday and got to witness his stardom first hand as it occurred….

BOBBY VEE – from Rubber Ball to Run To Him


‘Stranger in Your Arms‘ from 1963 (stereo) is a beautiful song I’m afraid

to say I never heard before now. One of those gems that never made it

high on the charts. Enjoy


‘Look At Me Girl,’ another non-hit performed in 1966 on Dick Clark’s ‘Where The Action Is’ TV show. Here Dick Clark announce Bobby , on location in his home town of Minneapolis.
Thanks bobby. We’ll be playing your music early and often.

End of Original 2012 article

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Bobby Vee was not just ‘one of the Bobby’s’  ’60s teen idols, of which there were many,  but a bonafide rock and roll icon with 38 Top 100 Hits who continued to write and perform his music around the world through the 2000’s. He was a singer, songwriter, producer and fine artist, too. And, even with all that talent, some close to him , like Del Shannon, may say the best of all is that he was an all round great guy.  Bobby Vee will certainly live on not just with all his songwriting credits but the music that will continue to be played daily around the world.





 BOBBY VEE – from Rubber Ball to Run To Him

BY VEE HOMEPAGEom Rubber Ball to Run To Him