First Orbison Impersonator Goes Out in Style

Perhaps the only available video of  Kent ‘Kenny’ Moril as Roy Orbison and just came across  a beautiful music video, from Morril, sung in the Orbison voice, ironically titled ‘Would You Like To Live Forever.’  What a wonderful, moving way to go out for Kent Morril. Thanks ‘Kenny’ for the music and memories…  Sorry to say , we couldn’t find a single Orbison impersonator video from Kenny but  a nice interview piece at the end…



Just got word that  Kenny (Kent) Morrill passed away , of cancer, recently in Northeast , U.s. Kenny was the first real Roy Orbison impersonator – and a good one.

I remember first ‘discovering’  him, quite by accident, when I was in the wine country at Windsor Winery sometime probably in 1989 or ’90 – the years get away from me …

I remember being totally astonished that anyone could sound so much  like Roy Orbison.  After no longer being able to see the original Roy in concert, I thought it great to be a able to have someone like Morrill  help fill the huge void left on the concert scene after Orbison passed in December, 1988.      I would probably see him another five times in concert over the next five years and would even meet and interview him in Las Vegas, along with my friend, Stephen Wong. I  rememeber it being a shock to see him, backstage without his Orbison  wig and dress. He didn ‘t look anything like Orbison but he sure had thereverence for Roy and sounded like him… and that was what counted. He seemned a bit  odd as I recall, with some off  color  comments I can’t quite recall right now (I must check my notes and original interview one of these days) but nice enough and a really great performer,
who ,again ,offered  that Orbison ‘fix’ for Orbison fans missing the original.

After about five years,  Morrill seemed to disappear Continue reading “First Orbison Impersonator Goes Out in Style”


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WILBURYS Tribute to Del Shannon, Orbison and Harrison – RUNAWAY, Elvis too

DEL SHANNON, ROY ORBISON, GENE PITNEY, ELVIS – The ROCK-POP ICONS of the early 60s… One of the ‘extra’ tracks Jeff Lynne and Company’s cover of the great Del Shanon masterpiece, Runaway, becomes a tribute to not only Shannon but Wilbury’s own Roy Orbison and George Harrison, who appear in the great home movies included in this video. Now , lets hear the real thing , the original iconic song from its creator – and nobody

will ever do it better than…and then, some covers by Del himself  and Pitney of the great Oribson classic, Crying. DEL SHANNON, here in a rare 1982 performance and reminisce with Burton Cummings

AND none other than ELVIS doing with a rare, unreleased ‘chalypso’ version of Runaway

WILBURYS Tribute to Del Shannon,Orbison and Harrison – RUNAWAY

Del Shannon ‘sends this one out to Orbison’… great heavy version of Orbison’s Crying… wonderful, soulful, big beat live performance shortly after Roy’s bassing and not long before Shannon’s own untimely demise:


…and GENE PITNEY doing the first of his two cover versions of CRYING (‘Cryin’ on the later version) circa 1962

and Roy, himself, doing his own song. Del and Gene may give him a run but here’s the true original…from 1985 ‘Farm Aid’ Illinois concert

Roy Orbison Gets His Hollywood Star

Play Unchained Melody -Roy Orbison

By: Roger Friedman //   Saturday January 30, 2010

The great Roy Orbison finally got his star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame on Friday. It was about time!

Thanks to the persistence of his widow, the intrepid and beautiful Barbara, Orbison has lived on well after his death at age 52 in 1989.

The star was unveiled on Vine Street, right in front of the Capitol Records tower, and right next to Garth Brooks. Not bad.

With “Pretty Woman” playing in the background, Barbara and sons Alex and Roy Jr., and Roy’s son Wesley, received the proclamation from the city of Hollywood. Dan Aykroyd (who was there with gorgeous wife Donna Dixon) and T Bone Burnett each spoke about their love of Roy — who didn’t love Roy Orbison, that’s the question!

And Barbara Orbison, in accepting the citation, turned around from the mic and thanked the community of friends who’ve grown around her since Roy’s death: Jeff Lynne, Joe Walsh and his wife Marjorie, Olivia Harrison, Barbara Bach Ringo Starr, Jim Keltner, Phil Everly, Chris Isaak, Jonathan Clyde from the Beatles’ Apple Records, and so on.

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