dick clarks rockin eve 12 w ryan seacrest


Dear Dick Clark,

Turn over in your grave if you haven’t already.  We really missed you for the New Year’s Ball drop this year. 

Not that your past few New Year’s shows were anything to write home about but  at least you were there and you probably would have never let on that Korean rapper who features x-rated lyrics and expressed desire to kill Americans.  Of course it was ok for  President Obama to watch him perform ,recently, so I guess it was ok for the new powers who be to have him on the show  . There was also something named Pitbull and that known slut, if you will, who liplocked any man in sight, looking like she was going to strangle the mild-mannered,  diminutive Ryan Seacrest. No body of the values we grew up with in sight.
Seacrest we thought to be a decent guy in the Dick Clark mold, but maybe now he, too, has gone off the moral cliff, as it were. Other than some nice words about you, he certainly dropped the ball in this first performance without you around – or maybe he has no choice with today’s programming as it is.  We can’t give you any further review since we had to change the channel right after that display following the ball drop. Dick Clark at least added a little sanity to what’s left of New Years Eve and TV viewing.  Appropriately named Twilight Zone marathon on SciFi helped to wipe out the  otherwise nightmare for us New Years Eve, not to be remembered.
-JB,  http://www.RoadToSuccess.us/blog

 Dick Clark Please Come Back