Unchacined Melody  as only Eddy could do it, instrumentally, from 1962 Twangy Guitar Silky Strings RCA LP -see more at Vintage Vinyl and Artists

Billboardobituary notes that Eddy was “the last surviving artist to chart in the top 10 of the inaugural Hot 100 in 1958. The Grammy-winning guitarist was known for his influential style as well as hits such as ‘Rebel-‘Rouser’ and ‘Peter Gunn.'”

Eddy inspired a generation of guitarists the world over with his unmistakeable signature ‘Twang’ sound,” a rep for Eddy tells Variety. “He was the first rock and roll guitar god, a truly humble and incredible human being. He will be sorely missed.”

Eddy was one of the most successful instrumentalists in rock history, notching 27 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 such as “Rebel-‘Rouser,” which peaked at No. 6 in 1958; “Forty Miles of Bad Road,” which peaked at No. 9 in 1959; and “Because They’re Young,” which peaked at No. 4 in 1960. He also had 10 albums chart on the Billboard 200.

Eddy was also a Grammy-decorated musician, winning on his first-ever nomination in 1987 as a featured artist on The Art of Noise’s remake of “Peter Gunn” in the best rock instrumental performance category. In 1996, he earned a second Grammy nod as a featured artist on Doc Watson’s “Thunder Road/Sugarfoot Rag” for best country instrumental performance. He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1994.

Noted Canadian guitarist/record producer Steve Dawson profiled Eddy on his podcastMusic Makers and Soul Shakers, and he posted this tribute on Facebook: “He was the undisputed King of Twang Guitar, and invented a style of playing that is influential to this day. I can’t believe that someone could release instrumental songs in the 50’s and sell over 10 million records, but he did that. ‘Rebel Rouser’, ‘Peter Gunn,’ ‘Cannonball’ and ‘Forty Miles of Bad Road’ are just some of the classics. RIP Duane Eddy.”

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Meshugga Beach Party’s tribute to Duane Eddy WITH Duane Eddy!

Featuring Duane Eddy on ‘Shleppin and Kvetchin’ (may no longer be available)

You can’t call it a memorial as it was recorded originally by the Meshugga Beach Party WITH the great Duane Eddy on his Gretch guitar only a few years back. it was a takeoff on EDDY’s first record ‘Movin and Groovin’ ans one of his best!
Sadly, the Meshuggas , from the BaybArea are apparently no longer active but this fibe effort will go down as their great contribution to music and the legacy no Duane Eddy, who recently passed, (May,2024)