Glen Campbell certainly lived a full life and accomplished much in his 81 years – even a final concert tour with this family in his last years while undergoing early stage Alzheimners. It’s sad to lose someone of such talent and character who we grew up. He will live on through his many hit records and videos and won’t be forgotten. Above , Campbell looks back at his early days as a session musician in Hollywood, playing on records such as the Beach Boys’ ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ and Frank Sinatra’s ‘Strangers in the Night’ .. Below, Campbell sings one of his last works. Campbell had enough new material for a second and last album , Adios, after ‘Canvas’

Perhaps Glen Campbell’s swan song, ‘A Better Place’ – autobiographical ballad from his last album, Ghost on a Canvas…According to his daughter, performing is good for his condition and he may return… More a@ http://www.Facebook.com



Saw Glen’s ‘final’ public concert, as quoted by his son in the band last night at Napa, Ca. Now there’s talk of Glen
continuing to perform, despite an advancing state of Alzheimers. We will say that the condition was definitely noticable i
n his performance last night, but , frankly, it didn’t detract one iota. In fact, it somehow added to the man’s charm. Had it affected his singing, Campbell could easily be criticized for going on with Alzheimers, as others hasve in the past, but he only joked about it. As his longtime manager states in the attached Huff Post article, Campbell has had some of his strongest performance’s of late in his ‘Farewell Tour’ in California. We caught him also when he began the tour mid summer in Santa Rosa, CA. This concert began a bit disjointed with Campbell calling out the sound crrew for repeated problems with sound. Some in the audience perhaps thought he was out of line, but, in fact, we did notice the sound improved once the issues were dealt with.

Glen Campbell  –  Latest album, critically acclaimed ‘Ghost on a Canvas ‘

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Campbell ‘s three kids opened the with their group, Victoria Ghost. Their bluegrass meets country sound is very different from Campbell’s more pop-rock sound. One son is on drums and the other son, on guitar, frounds the group along with sister, on Mandolin and Banjo.
After seven songs, Campbell came out to a standing ovation in this old, remodeled movie theater. The show was also being filmed. After Campbell’s many sound complaints one ondered if he might go off, but he settled down and even improved as the show went on, perhaps feeding off the audience’s warm vibe. He sang most of his hits including ‘This Time,’ though written many years ago relates to his current plight, perhaps his version of ‘My Way.’ Another autobiographical song of his new album was intriguing and a Jimmy Webb song and then the big hits, Rhinestone Cowboy ‘ and ‘summer Nights’ closed the show to more standing ovations.
Throughout the show Campbell’s daughter, who appeared to be running things, frequently whispered directions to Campbell that he might have forgotten. After the show she came out and signed autographs in his stead for nearly an hour as the group packed up for the bus, waiting outside.
It’s been a good, long run for Campbell, from his early days as a studio musician with the Beach Boys, Elvis, and others to having his own TV show, the Goodtime Hour, with many hit recordings along the way. We wish Glen well, whatever he decides to do.. -BK
Glen Campbell May Continue To Perform With Alzheimer’s
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Glen Campbell may be wrapping up a goodbye tour but that doesn’t mean he’s done with the stage. Campbell is considering scheduling more shows next year after playing more than 120 dates in 2012.

Ray Charles joins Glen Campbell for duet on Glen’s Goodtime Hour TV show circa 1970s


Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell Goes Out(?) in Style -Alzheimer’s Hardly slows Him