I Like The OLD CAR SMELL T-shirts and more DEAL – ’63 Chrysler Imperial



I Like The OLD CAR SMELL                    T-shirts and more DEAL


Nothing like a classic car. They don’t make ’em like this anymore. I actually feel better just riding in my ’63 Chrysler Imperial. It has PERSONALITY and ‘Big Carhuna’ is smiling again (he really is) after two years in disrepair.’ Some like the New Car Smell. Not us… What about you?

Car styles reflect the times… Just looking at the front alone… the shining chrome,and ,yes, those smiling, floating eyes…  On style alone, which would you choose,old or new? (You can’t really appreciate the overall look of the ‘Carhuna’ from this straight on shot)…

old vs new cars


Do you also prefer the OLD CAR SMELL? Now, you can wear it on your sleeve – if not in your classic car! Enjoy!