Writer, arranger, and producer for the legendary JAN & DEAN

N E W    B I O G R A P H Y

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Dead Man’s Curve: The Rock ’n’ Roll Life of Jan Berry

By Mark A. Moore

Jan Berry, leader of the music duo Jan & Dean from the late 1950s to mid-1960s, was an intense character who experienced more in his first 25 years than many do in a lifetime. As an architect of the West Coast sound, he was one of rock ‘n’ roll’s original rebels–brilliant, charismatic, reckless, and flawed. As a songwriter, music arranger, and record producer for Nevins-Kirshner Associates and Screen Gems-Columbia Music, Berry was one of the pioneering self-produced artists of his era in Hollywood. He lived a dual life, reaching the top of the charts with Jan & Dean while transitioning from college student to medical student, until an automobile accident ended his seemingly charmed existence in 1966. Suffering from brain damage and partial paralysis, Jan spent the rest of his life trying to come back from Dead Man’s Curve. His story is told here in-depth for the first time, based on extensive primary source documentation and supplemented by the stories and memories of Jan’s family members, friends, music industry colleagues, and contemporaries. From the birth of rock to the bitter end, Berry’s life story is thrilling, humorous, unsettling, and disturbing, yet ultimately uplifting


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Collection of Dean Torrence collaborations spanning 1965–1985, including previously unissued recordings, rare tracks, and alternate mixes.

“Dean has always been really upbeat, positive, fun-seeking and joy-projecting person on stage. He’s always about pleasing the audience, and I’ve always been very sympathetic to that as well. I think we had a commonality in our philosophy in performing and having a good time.”


—Mike Love


Dean Torrence’s The Teammates: Twenty Years Of Making Music 1965-1985 is a curated collection that traverses the decades of the various musical teams Torrence has captained. Whether it was in the producer’s chair, behind the microphone or putting together musical entities, Dean has done it all. This collection includes many of Dean’s rare collaborations with the likes of Mike Love, Jan Berry, Bruce Johnston, Harry Nilsson, and Leon Russell.

Teaming with The Beach Boys/Jan & Dean historian David Beard (also editor/publisher of Endless Summer Quarterly), Torrence raided his vaults and discovered previously unreleased recordings from 1965–1985. Beginning with the ultra-rare single of “Summertime, Summertime” by Our Gang (never available on CD and taken from the original 2-track master), this collection is a treasure trove of rarities and previously unheard music. There are alternate recordings by Jan & Dean, never before heard music from 1973 by Terry Melcher, Bruce Johnston & Torrence, and a slew of rare tracks by Mike (Love of The Beach Boys) & Dean from the early ’80s that has never been made available on CD or digitally until now!

Omnivore Recordings is proud to continue its association with Dean Torrence on this exciting and rare compilation of historical music from one of the early progenitors of rock ’n’ roll. The Teammates: Twenty Years Of Making Music 1965-1985 also offers extensive liner notes by Torrence, a track-by-track conversation with David Beard on the album’s contents and a forward by longtime Jan & Dean associate, and entertainment executive Winston Simone.


“It was important to us that we offer the fan something different and special, and Dean dug right in. This collection is about friendship, buddies… teammates. This was a true team effort.”


—David Beard


A TEENAGER IN LOVE – Dean Torrence

    1. I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU – Dean Torrence
    2. GET A JOB – Dean Torrence
    3. ONE SUMMER NIGHT – Dean Torrence
    4. DEAD MAN’S CURVE (Dr. Landy Version) – Dean Torrence
    6. LIGHTNIN’ STRIKES – Mike & Dean
    7. HER BOYFRIEND’S BACK – Mike & Dean
    8. ALLEY OOP – Mike & Dean
    9. JINGLE BELL ROCK – Mike & Dean
    10. RIDE THE WILD SURF – Flo & Eddie with Dean Torrence
    11. ORDER OUR ALBUM – The Legendary Masked Surfers
    12. FUN, FUN, FUN (Commercial) – Mike & Dean


    Tracks 1, 4, 6–10, 15, 21–23 previously unissued.