The Great Comic and Philosopher, Jonathan Winters, has joined Annette, Margaret and those before them in the Great Beyond.

Winters took improvisation to knew heights and was always a treat to see as you never knew what would come out of his mouth. No two shows were alike. His performances on even the talk shows were priceless, as below…The man who was the main inspiration for Robin Williams, Jim Carrey  and so many others will long be remembered, many have called him the greatest comedian – at least of the improvisational kind .MORE



…and here’s the one mentioned in above Yahoo news – Winters on Jack Paar, 1964. You can really see where Robin Williams got a lot of his style…



… JW as Maude Frickert with DEAN MARTIN



….and we turn the tables, instead of JOHNNY CARSON interviewing JW, JW Roasts Johnny!


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