Probably our favorite of the many Tiki Palaces in Southern California is Bahooka,  perhaps the only Tiki restaurant in the area. Originally built

in the late 60s its maintained a loyal following, according the current and only second owner.  The place looks like Trader Vics meets Robinson Crueso.  As one walks in a darkened room you only see the lights of hundreds of fish tanks lining the dining room wallssafdasdwalls.wall

walls.  Artifacts of you-name-it cover the ceiling and walls. One can spend hours there for sure. The food is very good, too, tiki fare of ribs and sweet potatoes is the specialty! The movie industy has discovered this place, too, now, so be aware of crowds. Not far down Rosemead Blvd, I think it is, you will find three sets of that are very much worth stopping by.  Another must-see would be the Tiki Ti bar in Hollywood. This small but authentic palace also has a loyal following so no guarantees you’ll get a seat.  Another Tiki aparmentsnifty fifties spot along the way was this old drive-in movie, er, sign. Only thing left is this incredible sign for the Starlight, one of the many  departed drive-in theaters in CA -and, who knows if even the sign is still there two years later.