How did the old Kwik Way finally reopen without me knowing about it. Thanks to a friend I FINALLY found out while at an Oakland A’s game. . Will have to get over there soon. As reported in a previous blog, the old KWIK WAY was saved… well, sort of.  Thankfully, Owners of Somerset Restaurant in Oakland restored the old edifice but , apparently, added a new menu to the dismay of many (but I expected as much. ) After all, how does one improve on the old Kwik Way.

Get a glimpse of the ORIGINAL KWIK WAY here

Initial reviews have been lukewarm to say the least. If you’re like me, its hard to  compete with the old Kwik Way , like a young ballplayer being called the ‘next Willie Mays.’ There’s only one Willie and there was only one Kwik Way, though , as we reported in a previous blog, there STILL IS an original Kwik Way  if you’re willing to brave the mean streets of East Oakland and International Blvd (formerly E 14th)

Lucinda Lewis Vintage Style Roadside America “Mearle’s Drive In” Classic Eatery LED Illuminated Framed Poster — 24″ X 20″

New Kwik Way Drive In,

er, Restaurant Reopens to

Mixed Reviews


On a more positive note…


‘Kwik Way…the perfect icon of the revitalization of the eastside dining scene!

Warning nostalgia lovers…this is not your parents’ Kwik Way.  You will not find cheap, extremely greasy fried foods or a drive-thru that contributes to the exhaust in the face of mother nature.  But you will find good food, made well, at a moderate price by the professional restaurant team who created Somerset not too far away.

My wife grew up in the neighborhood so she has fond memories of the fried prawns accompanying a movie at the Grand Lake next door.  The theatre has stood the tests of time, and now it seems the Kwik Way is making a triumphant return.  ‘ – yelp review 4*

New Kwik Way Drive In, er, Restaurant Reopens to Mixed Reviews

Perhaps the new owners should do a little research and get the old Kwik Way recipes, grease and all. Nah, most modern folks would never go for it, though a few of us old nostalgists sure would… In the meantime we’re glad to have  at least the old structure in place.  …and  there’s still the Grand Lake Theatre, where one can go after at least having a pseudo-nostalgic experience at the new Kwik Way… and don’t forget the great ALLEY on Grand where you can hear the original piano player of 50 years, Rod Dibble , tinkle the ivories in an original one-of-a-kind joint… or check out the art deco  Paramount theater in all its 1930’s restored glory, where one can have a truly nostalgic evening every other Friday night, with old movies, theater organ and deco spin contest! Oakland is still quite the place if you go to the right places…

Full real first hand review to follow

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New Kwik Way Drive In, er, Restaurant Reopens to Mixed Reviews