Heard on the Michael Savage radio program… When you hear Robert Davi sings Sinatra you’re not hearing some  flavor of the day try to sing the songs of someone before his time devoid of the feeling of the era. Robert Davi grew up during the 50s and 60s, heard Sinatra during his prime and even met and talked to the original! So, let’s say Davi has all the qualifications to do Sinatra justice.  In so doing, his new LP, just out, uses a full orchestra and was recorded in the same LA Capitol studios where Sinatra recorded many of his classic albums. Even the recording producer and engineer were from THE ERA, having worked with Sinatra and others during the day ..It was quite a moving / nostalgic interview with Davi on the Michael Savage show 10/21. Whatever you think of Savage’s politics, Savage lives and breathes the 50s/60s era including many great vignettes from the era plus  music you won’t hear on other talk shows.  He spends much of his time off politics, especially Rock and Roll Fridays… give a listen for a rare treat in this day and age.  Back to Davi, when I first heard a snipet of song on Savage’s show I thought it the real thing. Though Davi doesn’t claim to be a mimic, his sound is very close to the real thing.  Check out DaviSingsSinatra.com  or below.  PURCHASE DAVI SINGS SINATRA: http://www.jdoqocy.com/click-4242285-10676536


Best known for playing the villainous drug lord in the James Bond classic, “License to Kill,”   actor Robert Davi apparently also has a license to sing. Armed with a 30-piece orchestra, Davi is set to release his first album on October 24: “Davi Sings Sinatra — On The Road To Romance.” And like “Old Blue Eyes,” Davi chose to record his work at the famous Capitol Records Building in Hollywood, where Sinatra recorded much of his music. The album features all new arrangements by composer Nic. tenBroek and is produced by 14-time, Grammy-winning producer Phil Ramone. Sinatra author, producer, and historian Charles Granata described Davi’s tribute to the “Chairman of the Board” as a “superb love letter to the man who defined 20th century popular music. It’s theatrical, heartfelt, and beautifully sung, while incorporating a swagger and style that evokes Sinatra.” Sinatra standards take him back to his Italian-American roots, Davi told Newsmax. “During my parents’ time, while our country faced many difficulties, this music helped it glow with promise and optimism,” he said. “It reminded them that our country was a place where dreams came true, and inspired people from all over the world to find for themselves the magic that was America — and Frank Sinatra’s voice was the soundtrack for their lives.” Backed by a 50-piece orchestra, Davi has been performing “Davi Sings Sinatra” to sold-out audiences and high critical acclaim in New York and Los Angeles. Forthcoming live performances include another Los Angeles show and Las Vegas. Classically trained as a singer, Davi also played such movie roles as Vietnam veteran and Special Agent Johnson in “Die Hard;” the villainous Jake Fratelli in “The Goonies;” Al Torres in “Showgirls;” and agent Baily Malone in the NBC television series “Profiler.” Sinatra’s music is as relevant today as it was when it was created, Davi said. “It was romantic without being crude. The songs were poetic and if there was heartbreak it was sung with a delicate tenderness, not a resentful anger and disrespect toward women,” he said, adding that he hopes his musical contribution will reinvigorate the spirit of America “that makes it the greatest country in the world.” For more information go to www.DaviSingsSinatra.com. Read more on Newsmax.com: Actor Robert Davi Has License to Sing Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!