‘Under-age’ Lubinsky Resurrects Rare 1965 ‘Murray The K’ Oldies Show

TJ Lubinsky, not an oldie himself, keeps the oldies alive… resurrecting forgotten artists and programs, latest being 5 shows, which debuts this Sat. Night on PBS > oldiescountry.com/

Loved hearing how this ‘under age’ lover of his father’s music went and found older, original rock and R&B singers who hadn’t sung in 40 years and brought them back for one last hurrah in his fabulous doowop, etc. PBS series’ as well as Ed Sullivan, and now Murray K revivals‚Ķtalking
To George Noory on Coast to Coast, even young Lubinsky dismisses modern ‘music’ (‘no harmony,no melody,etc’) and remains lost in the 50s and 60s he never knew growing up.

Lubinsky tells the story of ‘unearthing’ (if you will) people like Betty Everett, down and out but who managed to get it together to reunite with Jerry Butler for one last performance 40 years later; she would pass two weeks later.

Okay, who stopped the payment on my reality check?

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Now ‘Under-age’ Lubinsky Resurrects Old ‘Murray The K’ Oldies Shows