Phil Spector Case Re-Examined in TV Movie – Did Bad Rep Cost Him?

image Phil Spector goes before the masses in a tv special tonite, the first time we can all get a better glimpse into the famous trial that would finally end in a 19 year 2nd degree sentence for the music genius producer ..Hear Spector’s wife’s take. :// Al Pacino as Phil Spector. It may have been a case of the biggest mismatch with Spector trying to play psychiatrist for a possibly suicidal Lana Clarkson when Spector was a longtime patient himself – perhaps a case of two people being in the wrong place ,ie together. Perhaps a case for a lesser,say manslaughter verdict. You be the judge tonite SHO 9 pm. More @ Note similarity in the Robert Blake trial and even Natalie Wood case; some say Blake and Robert Wagner may have been more guilty but got off,  Perhaps Spector’s off  eccentric past cost him  in the eyes of MOST of the jury.  In light of this, we think that Tv / movies can sometimes serve a positive thing by bringing forth. Such controversaries before the biblical (even if there is some ‘optic fiction ‘ in this movie.