It’s been about a year or more since we lost radio news legend Paul Harvey.  We were always amazed how Harvey kept going on , despite some derision of his politics. But, Harvey, it seemed, got along with everyone and was youthful for his years. He would pass off people he didn’t care for with a joke or a light-hearted jab, not mean-spirited like some today.   Not surprisingly, nobody was able to take Harvey’s place, it appears. Mike Huckabee and the Huckabee Report does a good job, and is one of the few programs today  that gives time to some of the older  celebs, like his recent interview with Sedaka (see above).   I , like many used to pass Harvey off as an ‘old coot’ until I saw him on aLarry King interview and, much like with Ronald Reagan, I was impressed with his low-key, self-effacing and humorous style. It wasn’t long after his beloved ‘Angel’  (pictured above in their native Chicago) passed that so did Harvey,   age 90. Maybe not so surprisingly  I guess.  Now, whenever I hear the commercials for pharmaceuticals, such as High Health Occular Nutrition , I think of Harvey.