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Dean Martin Roasts

Little will be releasing the Complete DEAN MARTIN ROASTs compilation tomorrow (54 programs on many DVDs).. featuring many of the greats…
Lucille Ball, John Wayne, Orson Welles, George Burns, Sinatra, Jack Benny along with Rich and John

ny Carson and Dean martin, of course, to name a few. Don’t miss it


Dean Martin Roasts


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With Comedy Central having brought renewed interest in the concept of Celebrity Roasts over the last few years, it seems a perfect time to revisit a classic era of Hollywood history. While an exclusive edition of “The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Complete Collection” is available online with 25 discs and a massive price point, this six disc collection is a little less of a financial burden and still gives you lots of tremendous material. Unlike the contemporary roasts, however which have focused on somewhat dubious (and joke-worthy) personalities such as David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson, Flavor Flav and William Shatner, Dean Martin and friends were sending up big names. And this compilation includes some of the most noteworthy.Here is the run down on the 12 complete roasts included:
Disc One: Bob Hope and Johnny Carson
Disc Two: Jimmy Stewart and Sammy Davis Jr.
Disc Three: Jack Benny and Lucille Ball
Disc Four: Dean Martin and Kirk Douglas
Disc Five: Michael Landon and Jackie Gleason
Disc Six: Don Rickles and Joan Collins