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Rachelle Spector – A Reason to

Reconsider Phil Spector Case



A new story develops behind the Phil Spector Case and Saga. I thought that when Spector lost his case and was sent to prison for all practical purposes the rest of his life that he was through. In fact, I wondered if a man of his split personality and small and somewhat frail stature could survive in a prison of murderers.  Perhaps Spector HAS a chance – and it may be because of a devoted wife. Laugh if you will… as many have already in the articles we’ve seen.  


Interesting story coming out  about Rachelle Spector, the wife of the infamous Phil Spector. She’s been with Spector off and on for about 10 years and has most recently wrote a song for him, ‘P.S. I Love You,’ which she is promoting in what we see in a fairly quiet, tasteful way. Limited interviews and with something to say, in our opinion.  One such recent interview appears here, from Jazzwax.com

   One has to at least have an open mind about what Ms. Spector is doing…basically a one person publicity effort to change public opinion about the man, from that of an abusive, ego-maniacal husband and producer to someone with a charming and softer side if it is allowed to come out.  I personally saw some of this latter side in the rare , movie -interview,Agony and Ecstacy of Phil Spector,which is available thru normal video channels. I suggest skeptics watch this and keep an open mind re Spector. His case resulted in a hung jury first time and then a non -unanimous jury; his is not a simple closed case.   I haven’t seen lawyers or publicists speaking for Rachelle Spector. She seems to be doing it all on her own.  Whatever you think of her, I hope she can maintain her dignity,   composure – and sanity amongst the TMZ’s of the world  and stay clear of papparazi who may want to tarnish her and and Phil Spector’s reputation further. The man’s already in jail, essentially for life; what more do you want from him? 

Yes, I’m a fan of Spector’s music, and , with that, I’ve taken the time to learn about the man, his difficult background and problems he’s had ‘fitting in.’  He’s not the first.  Phil Spector is an interesting character of whom many people have come to appreciate after looking at the whole man. Sure, it’s easy to laugh him off as some  crazed and wigged-out reclusive music producer from another era .  Perfect fodder for an insensitive  media today  that will make life-threatening  fun of people  at the drop of a hat . Bullying can happen to older folks, too.  It’s no wonder we’re  moving more and more to a homogenized society that no longer allows for unique personalities, that can easily make fun of  talented people because they don’t look or act the part that we’re ‘supposed to’.  So much for that caring, ‘transparent’ society they try to tell us we’re living in. No wonder suicide rates are skyrocketing as is violence in America..  Maybe the ‘intolerant ‘ 1950s that allowed for real characters wasn’t all that intolerant  after all. (al be it , in the South).  just ask older folks today who’ve lived through it all and they’ll tell you more and more why they call it ‘the good old days.’

Here’s what would appear a decent woman, Rachelle Spector, who has known Spector well for 10 years. She’s sacrificing the prime of her life to support him . She could certainly find another rich man who could do more for her now than   Phil can do from behind bars.  It was a terrible thing that happened to Lana Clarkson. But to automatically write off Phil Spector as a crazed murderer based largely on past reputation is wrong, triial or no trial. Rachelle Spector has a long, uphill battle.   Many would have walked away years ago but she hasn’t.  At the very least let’s try to appreciate this person who HAS stood by her man through thick and thin. How much longer she can do it must be in question. Without her still in his life, Phil Spector could easily become yet another   victim of not only our out of control prison system but of our increasingly intolerant culture.







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