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Special 39th Birthday Tribute to Timeless Jack



We begin with a nice tribute they put together for me, above,  – Jack Benny here – after I died December 26, 1974 at  age 39. Ha!  (Yes I beat the medical industrial complex /Obamacare and I’m still here  – but we’ll go into that later…)

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jack benny with mirror enlarged

Now, tell me I don’t look a day over 39. Well, maybe a day. Now, you hush Rochester. He’s telling me that picture was taken 80 years ago. See , I was 39





jack w liberace

















And, now, for the coup de grace, I really rock out with the Beach Boys on this one.. or , maybe I should say that THEY rock out. -JB


jack talking to his coupon fanslast spring






A note to my ‘Super Savers’ last year… Just call me Jack of all trades – comedy, music, coupons/savings…

jack appearing today in heavenly lafughter






Folks , I’m going to have to wind this party down. I guess I’m NOT as young as I used to be BUT I am still touring and I’ll be in beautiful downtown Fresno this month so come by and see me and my pals in ‘Heavenly Laughter’ . So-long for now! It’s been fun – JB