Video courtesy Frank Fong, Greek Theater Berkeley
Willie Nelson 4-26 concert, Greek Theater, Berkeley
As usual an event more than a mere concert with audience helping out with the  choruses, e.g. ‘Mamas don’t let your babies be cowboys…’
Amazing to see 91 year old Nelson still doing it not merely one night per week  like the few other performers in their 80s and90s ( eg Mathis, Anka, Valli, the latter whose retiring this year at 90.
Nelson will probably never retire.
His life is on the road- about which he even wrote  ssong’On the Road Again’. He lives for  the life style, of course he has his own bus equipped with chef and all, bit still amazing.
Former reports of Nelson emphysema appear as tabloid gossib as Nelson was in full voice and playing ihs stylized  guitar and singing only as Nelson can. After a full hour and a half ofbentrancing hits the ‘Party was over ‘ as ‘ all good things must end.’ Nonencorses. Nelson , still appearing strong and road-worthy , walked off intonthe night and his bus readying to take him and band to the next atop.
Nelson didn’t talk much- his songs did  the talking. You pretty much KnOW Nelson-liefstyle, politics after hearing his songs. Loved his self deprecating    ‘ roll me up and smoke me when im dead’ but then going on to say that he ‘can’t die because he’s got ‘ more shows to do’ . Clever positive  take on Aging and his lifestyle. And then, singing more such aongs as Mac Davis’ ‘Hard to Be Humble’ despite the fact Nelson seems like a pretty humble guy.
What really sets Nelson apart is his ‘no labels’ mystique- not all country ,distaining old classic steel guitar for harmonica, which was probably the atandout instrumen t even garnering big applause, Nelson mov es easily betwee jazz, blues, pop- you name it, I. Addition to his own Kind of country
Catch Nelson if you can with plenty of midwest near-nightly dates in May and Jun e

Willie Nelson Turned 91 this week — He’s now the oldest big name touring music artist. And Nelson doesn’t just do the occasional weekly schedule but often atill does back to back con erts ,, sometimes 4 or 5 a week.see schedule. with all respect, Younger Johny Mathis(89) and Paul Anka ,85, only do 1x /week and retiring frankie valli does largely residencies without traveling – after years of doing o e night stands , so to speak.

DIET- to what does Nelson attribute his Longevity?

OATMEAL for breakfast! And, more breakfast at dinner with Eggs ans Bacon!