Early ’60s classic Orbison LP, Monument Records

YAHOO ASKED ‘What would Roy Orbison be doing if he were alive today?’

Interesting to think about…

Roy actually talked about retiring in the last years of his life. Even though
he was only 52 when he passed, he had performed pretty steadily
through the years, though his star had faded, as they say, and many
of his concerts were before some pretty small numbers going into the
late ’60s and early ’70s, despite the excellent albums he was
still craking out at MGM and elsewhere. (By the way,
Orbison was not really sick much as per other writer, except he took some down time
after heart surgery around 1977, then started up on the comback trail
and that remarkable return to the charts with Wilburys and a Top 5 LP

I personally couldn’t seem him closing up shop entirely
but maybe doing occassional concerts with friends like Chris Isaac
or even Jerry Lee Lewis and those artists from the Black and White
Night who so admired Orbison. The music has changed so much now
people from THE ERA don’t do a lot of albums anymore, special
projects. But just after saying that, how about a Tribute Album to
his old friend Buddy Holly, or even Elvis, or a complication of cover
versions of West Texas music… or… an album of DUETs (no, skip
that ….too many of those and not always very good with many
collaborating virtually by telephone…