Carmel Lucky to Have DORIS DAY – Pet Projects, Cypress Inn, Music, Films

In her quiet way, Doris Day continues to spread  joy  and not only with her music and films.  Residents and visitors  – two legged and four-legged – of  Carmel-By-The -Sea,  California are in for a treat as they reside or  visit in this beautiful beach  town near Monterey.   We were   unexpected recipients of  Day’s Happy Day Vibes  late January.

After dining at the excellent Grill on Ocean Avenue, we asked our waiter about any local spots where we could hear some music.  He said we were in luck, to walk down a couple blocks to the Cypress Inn.   Surprisingly  unfamiliar  with this place,  we came upon a beautiful 30s-era smalllish  Mediterranean   white stucco hotel.  Once inside the front door we were greeted by a small group of people and dogs(!) in a living-room setting with a pianist and flugelhornist playing jazz .   It was something rather unimaginable in this day an age.  The pianist, who turned out to be the well-known Dick Whittington and fellow musician , whose name we failed to write down, were  putting on what amounted to a private concert of world-class vintage  jazz as we reclined on couches, sipping drinks.  Everyone , both two legged and four legged , in the room couldn’t have been more friendly, including the artists themselves. The unplanned experience was like something from another time and place.  I can’t wait to go back to see what next time will have in store.  Whittington, a transplant from Berkeley, CA , plays every  Friday and Saturday with various renown guest artists.

Just experiencing the charming Cypress Inn was an experience in itself  but learning that Doris Day was part owner,  as was her late musical son, Terry Melcher, made it even more special. The retiscent Day was no doubt talked into allowing old movie posters (Pajama Game, etc.) and record  album covers to adorn the walls near ‘Terry’s Lounge,  an elegant classy but non-ostentatious bar which now serves tribute to Melcher, who had quite a remarkable, if under-appreciated career of his own as producer, musician and entrepeneur.   It’s obvious that   Day does not run the Cypress solely for profit , judging by the quality of music and charm we witnessed and not the number of  people who could squeeze into the place –  a gift for humans to enjoy with their  four-legged friends.  Their may not be another venue like it anywhere. Cats as well as dogs are welcome to stay overnight in the Inn along with their folks.

Usually one thinks of  Clint Eastwood as the person most synonymous with Carmel but that seems to have changed – at least for us…  Day is probably singly responsible  for making Carmel one of the most dog and pet-friendly towns anywhere.  Of course,  Doris Day is probably more famous today, especially among younger people, for her Doris Day Animal Federation, which helps rehabiliate and find homes for dogs and cats, most recently having sent relief help to Haiti for all the abandoned and injured pets in the earthquake.

Going from her  prototypical 50s image as the wholesome girl   next store to a later life filled with much sadness –  a number of failed marriages including brutality and the loss and associated tragedies involving   her devoted son Terry,  who, by the way , helped run DDAF,  Day no doubt takes solace in the animals and  in the contributions she has made.

Doris Day may be in her late 80s but, in our book its only a number and as one will witness at ( to come) with  Jack LaLanne, Art Linkletter and others, people can be vibrant at any age while  others’ lives  are basically over at much younger ages.

Doris Day, we are told, rarely has made public appearances in many years.  Though we wish she did ,  for our own selfish reasons,  we can understand why this kind sole, who has helped so many others and not gotten back nearly what she deserves, must take life like the words of her signature song, ‘Que Sera Sera’.  We can only wish her the very best  for many more years doing what she does so well , while we continue listening  to her  beautiful music and watching those fun, uplifting movies. Perhaps this little mention will alert others to what Doris Day is about today, and perhaps bring some joy into their lives too, whether it be at the Cypress or somewhere in Carmel, or just enjoying the music and movies. Doris Day, one of a kind. Great to have her with us!






Historical Poster Points Road to Success – Art Posters, Art Prints


You’ve Found It – The One and Only Original ROAD TO SUCCESS Motivational POSTER – Now ONLY $15 OR 2 FOR $20 Allegorical Cartoon from 1913 Etude Magazine. MAKES AN IDEAL PRESENT. 23″ X 17″ BLACK ON GLOSSY HEAVY PAPER STOCK , Mailed in tube. Click TWICE to enlarge

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THE ROAD TO SUCCESS Motivational Poster, adapted to musical education from an original drawing issued by the National Cash Register Co. to point the road to business success. It originally appeared in THE ETUDE music magazine, published October 1913 and includes some of the unique language and jargons of the time. Great inspirational and motivational tool/gift for anyone, especially young people starting out, new businesses and anyone seeking success (aren’t we all?).. Just follow the ‘Road to Success,’ making sure not to fall prey to ‘bohemianism,’ shiftlessness’ or one of the many other pitfalls along the way. Don’t lose time at the ‘Hotel Know It All’ or ‘Mutual Admiration Society’ waiting for compliments such as ‘Caruso can’t touch you’ or ‘You’ll set the world on fire.’ Once you reach the ‘Gate of Ideals’ you’ve nearly reached the big zither(?) of success! Great promotion or gift. 23″ x 17 1/2″, black writing on white, glossy 80 lb. paper stock, comes rolled. Click image twice to blow up size:


‘This (literally) lyrical prize is achieved by first entering the Gate of Opportunity. People are running through, but some have already settled in to the sit-down life of ease and comfort in what looks like the Beer Garden of Bohemianism.

Some manage to pass by those delights to check in to the Hotel Know It All, because they hold to mottoes such as Nobody can tell me, or I don’t need to practice, or I’m a born genius, or yet: I don’t need system.

Similarly misguided cries are heard on the patio of the Mutual Admiration Society: You’re the Hit of the Age, You’ll Set the World on Fire, You’re a Wonder My Boy, or (my favourite): Caruso Can’t Touch You.

Those who avoid those three establishments of ill repute might still fall victim to the deep, dark well of Illiteracy, or the spinning, disorienting wheel of Conceit. A select few manage to board the train called Right System at the Railroad Station.

That doesn’t stop some from running along the rail track towards Success, only to succumb to the ugly hand of Vices, the spinning fan of Bad Habits (blowing its victims towards Oblivion), or the pitfall of Bad Reputation. Others fall prey to Charlatanism, or get tangled up in the webs of Jealousy and Do It Tomorrow.

Those who overcome all these perils will enter the gates of System. But while the train crosses a bridge across the river Failure, those on foot are threatened by the Cauldron of Misrepresentation, and tempted by Short Cuts.

Some do manage to wade across the river to the other side, but there must overcome Bad Temper, Carelessness, Shiftlessness and Bad Memory. Then there’s Lack of Preparation, a giant rock which the train can tunnel through effortlessly, while the surviving pedestrians must trek across it.

Sprees, Laziness and Bad Business Methods then still threaten them, until at last they come before two gates, the one for Weak Morals remaining forever closed, the Gate of Ideals open to the train (and some on foot).

Conclusion: you can be successful without adopting the Right System, but your chances are far smaller. And you’ll have to make a lot bigger effort to get there.’

Many thanks to Strange Maps for the above review.

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Egyptian Hieroglyphics I Art Print Poster – 19×13Atomic Bomb ~ Mushroom Cloud ~ A-Bomb ~ Classic Historical Poster ~ Approx 36 x 24 inchesEras of Life PosterRoad Trips: Vol. 3, No. 2 – Austin 11/15/71

Historical Poster – Road To Success Motivational Prints

Unheralded Pentagon’s Joe C. Jones Still Sings Classic Doo-wop – A West Coast Rarity

Find one of the most under-rated doo-wop groups ever, which continues performing today in classic form. The Pentagon’s never had a hit go higher than #48 on the Billboard charts (‘To Be Loved,’ 1961) but they probably deserved alot better fate. Lead singer Joe C. Jones hails from the West Coast (San Bernardino) , which may be part of the problem, since the bulk of doo-wop comes from the East. Plus, when the song was recorded, in 1961. doo-wop was already fading from the music scene as surf and lighter sounds were taking its place.
We caught Jones and his new Pentagons at an a recent appearance in Livermore, Calfronial, after having seen him a few years earlier in Modesto. If there’s a better , more classic sounding ddo-wop group going today, hits or no hits, I’d like to hear them. ‘To Be Loved’ couild have gone Top 10 a few years earlier. Their other early songs, as found on their CD, Then and Now, are very strong, especially ‘I Wonder,’ ‘I’m In Love’ and ‘She’s Mine.’
The song writing is classic doo-wop, the singing impeccable.
Jones singing remains spectacular today; I can’t think of another lead singer who has maintained the quality and sound of his early records. He’s done well to find two backup singers that round out this talented trio. Why they haven’t been given a spot on PBS’ doo-wop series is a mystery. Will have to talk to that TJ Lubinski. Afterall, he’s all the way over in Pittsburg, which again, is part of the probelm. Anywy, check out this rare interview with San Bernardino-raised Joe Jones on LaneQuigley’s fine Rocket Radio show, then listen to a couple cuts before you go out and get the CD, Then and No w. Enjoy!  Now that you’ve got a sample you can find the Pentagons CD ‘Then and After’ at Amazon by clicking here

Canada’s BLAKE Emerging As Master Singer – Songwriter with Engaging New CD

BLUE RAIN: It’s not  your 50s/60s oldies per se, but in  Blake’s new CD he infuses  much of the  musical history he has witnessed since his breakout in 1964. Mister Blake, or Blake today,  of Vancouver, had a regional hit in 1964, covering Dusty Springfield’s ‘I Only Want To Be With You.‘  After that, the music scene changed and most artists including Blake’s Canadian compatriots like Bobby Curtola (Fortune Teller)  , Buddy Knox ((Party Doll) and even Paul Anka  had to take day jobs for awhile  to pay the bills. But,almost 5 decades later Blake has never forgotten his roots. He still would love nothing better than a hit record -er,  CD or download.  And, who knows. this could be the one…   ‘Blue Rain’ has a wide appeal as it covers the various styles he has grown up with, including disco, dance, electronica,  country and  a good bit of roots ‘oldies’ woven in. Order the CD and read more about Blake at . Hit Or MissBy the way, it’s interesting that Blake chose Blue Rain as the title song, Blake’s early hero, Roy Orbison, had a minor hit with Blue Rain in the 60s, but it is a totally different song. If you listen closely to the CD you may hear some Roy Orbison references or samplings. Experience has surely helped Blake grow over the years as both singer and songwriter. All songs – written by Blake and Andy Smyth, except Jubilation – are strong, especially the opening three, in this writer’s opinion, namely ‘Blue Rain’, ‘I’m in Deep’, ‘Sex, Lies and Changing Times,‘ the latter which interestingly chronicles  Blake’s and society’s wild ride  through the past several decades. Also of special interest are the last songs on the CD which include Blake’s version of fellow Canadian Paul Anka’s ‘Jubilation’ and, an updated remake of Blake’s biggest hit, ‘I Only Want To Be With You.’  Sample one of the many fine songs , ‘Hit or Miss’ , at Amazon by clicking here.