‘ PHIL SPECTOR ‘ Movie Trailer Sums Up New HBO Film


This trailer from ‘PHIL SPECTOR’ sums up the film pretty well in 2 minutes… listen closely to all the words and statements.  Now you don’t need to watch it, unless your’e a big Phil Spector and Al Pacino fan, as I am. All I can say is it’s too bad he ever met Lana Clarkson  
Re PHIL SPECTOR movie last nite, Interesting and sad how Spector’s life is now in prison and while others, perhaps more guilty , like Robert Blake and Robert Wagner, are free – probably because they are more sympathetic characters  . No place  for eccentrics in society anymore…..and So much for US jury system and innocent until proven guilty….the public may have been  ready to finally put away a celebrity, especially one like Spector, after letting so many go free , eg OJ, Blake…  https://oldiescountry.com



Movie could have been a lot better, perhaps with planned Bette Midler as attorney. Knowing Spector’s genius music producing I wanted to like him and did to some extent. Would have liked to see more background footage of his difficult yet positive past. Http://oldiescountry.com


HBO Films Phil Spector Trailer